Welcome Home, Ollie

So I brought the kitty home for the weekend and guess what - he's ours now! Office Cat has quit his day job and is no longer a class pet.

We had a great weekend with my mom and sisters visiting and, of course, they loved the kitten. What's not to love? He's small, orange, cuddly, and sweet! I truly had not planned on keeping him, but as the weekend went on, I just couldn't bear the thought of bringing him back to school and handing him over to other people. Nick resisted very hard at first and claimed I "tricked" him, saying I knew all along I was going to bring him home and not take him back.

He reluctantly gave in. Now that he's accepted that Ollie is our kitten, he's blossomed into a wonderful cat dad! He plays with Ollie and holds him and pets him. They've bonded pretty well considering Nick is at home all day with him. I'm actually jealous now because I no longer have a kitten to play with at work! In the beginning, Nick had told me that any messes the kitten made would be on me, but now that he has shifted his mindset and sees Ollie as his own, his attitude has changed. Just last night, he completely cleaned out the litter box and the overnight crate so it would be clean for Ollie. Nick now loves Ollie and wants his things to be nice! I think that's really sweet. Nick has come to realize that Ollie actually is a really good kitten and is no trouble at all, and is in fact really fun to have around! Nick even wants to get him nice food and water dishes and a fancy new litter box. It's just so funny how quickly he went from "no pets at all" to suddenly Googling litter boxes and stuff.

I think Nick's mindset gets in his own way sometimes. He was being very stubborn and couldn't possibly envision himself with a pet, and now here he is, being a great pet owner. Once he accepted it, all is good. I'm so relieved! I was worried about how he might handle everything, but he's been great and even better than I expected. It's sweet seeing him be so gentle with Ollie and how much he cares for him already.

Well, I'm off to my first dentist appointment of the year. I skipped my last appointment back in April because of the pandemic. I hope my teeth aren't in bad shape! They're my best feature.

1:11 p.m. - Thursday, Oct. 08, 2020


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