The Last Time

I had a lot of high hopes for 2019, but let me tell you, I did not start 2019 off very well.
The Christmas season went great – my sister bought a new house, so we had a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner at her house that was a lot of fun. Nick and I also had a fun Christmas Day dinner with his grandparents at their lake house. We had another party at my sister’s house for New Year’s Eve and all went well – lots of good food and fun.
New Year’s Day is where it went wrong. I don’t want to rehash every detail, but that evening, I drank way too much for some reason and I’m so ashamed to say that I got behind the wheel of a car and drove. I didn’t need to go anywhere – I simply wanted to take a drive to listen to a song (Post Malone’s new song, Wow). I was way too inebriated – I don’t even remember part of the trip. I really could have ruined my life with this decision because at one point on the drive, I had a cop car fly up behind me with his lights on. I was about to pull over on the side of the road to get out of his way (I assumed he was on his way somewhere else), but he turned around. Had I been pulled over, I would have been DONE. I would have been arrested for DUI and taken to jail. I didn’t even have my driver’s license or anything with me because I had left my purse at home! My life would have been ruined in an instant. I still don’t know why the cop turned around but I praise God he did.
As if driving drunk wasn’t bad enough, my cousin and sister, who jumped in my cousin’s truck to follow me, thought I may have accidentally hit a pedestrian. After I was home, they went back down the route I took and those cop cars I saw where there with an ambulance, which had a man in it. No other cars were around. They had me scared to death that I had accidentally hit someone. I had the worst anxiety of my life thinking that cops were going to show up to my mom’s house. Her license plate was on the cop’s dash cam and probably on the camera for the traffic light. Nothing has come of that situation – obviously something else must have happened to that man. The timing was scary…a man hurt right after I had driven through there drunk.

-must stop here for now, will add more later-

3:24 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 11, 2019


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