Cat Scratch Fever

At this point, I 100% believe that the universe is plotting against me. As my spring break approached, I had visions of spending QUIET time ALONE in my own house, free to watch hours of mindless reality tv and binge on whatever tasty food I wanted as Nick spent 8 hours away at work. Did that happen? NO. FML.

So remember I mentioned Nick developing a fever and some other symptoms a few weeks ago? No, it wasn't Covid, as the negative test revealed. Prior to developing any of the symptoms, Nick had found a lump in his armpit. We were concerned but didn't worry about it until Nick found another smaller lump near his elbow. At that point, we were really freaked out as to what was going on, so Nick made a doctor's appointment. By the time Nick got to the doctor a week later, the lump on his elbow had rapidly grown and was quite red, swollen, and hot to the touch. The doctor prescribed him an antibiotic to treat what appeared to be an infection in his lymph nodes.

After taking the antibiotic for a week, the lump hadn't changed at all! He went back to the doctor and this time, they gave him 2 additional antibiotic prescriptions on top of the 1 he already had, PLUS an antibiotic injection shot. They referred him to a surgical specialist to see if he needed surgery. The surgical specialist doctor was the first to suggest that maybe what he has is Cat Scratch Fever. CSF is an infection of the lymph nodes following a bite or scratch from a cat infected with a particular bacteria. The doctor suggested this before even confirming that we do have a cat! Since the doctor believed that to be what was going on, he noted that the antibiotics he had been on before were not going to work, so he prescribed a different antibiotic (Z pak). They did an ultrasound of the lump near his elbow and said that surgery was not needed at that time, but to call them if there were no improvements within a few days.

Well, after several days of taking the new, "correct" antibiotic, the lump on his arm still had not changed! They ended up doing surgery on his arm to drain the lump on his elbow. By surgery, I mean it was a small incision which was then squeezed to release all the, uhhhh, gross stuff that was in the lump. After all that was released, he was wrapped up and sent home with yet another round of the Z pak antibiotic.

So, to sum it all up - Nick was home and out of work my entire spring break due to this whole ordeal. Of course, he could not help that he had some strange, superinfection that did not respond to antibiotics and required surgery, but WHY did it have to happen the exact week of my spring break?! I already endured having him home with me the entire 6 months I was home from work due to the pandemic last year because he was unemployed and now he was home with me during my 1 week off for spring break. I was so looking forward to that time, too!

I swear to God, if he is somehow at home with me during my summer break this year, I will freaking lose it. Never getting alone time and space away from him is starting to eat away at me and drive me insane. It sounds like I hate him, but I don't! We all cannot stand to be with *anyone* 24/7. With his new job, I get 40 minutes to myself in the mornings after he leaves for work. He's already home by the time I get home from work and we both have weekends off. We have no friends and no family up here, so we're literally always together.

The only time I get space away from him is if I travel the 80 miles to see my mom and sister and he stays behind, which happens often. But even then, I'm around other people. I never get time ALONE in MY house. We've been in our house for almost 5 years now and I have yet to have a weekend ALONE in my own house. Nick, on the other hand, gets ample time to himself in our house! He's had countless weekends to himself. His new job sometimes lets them go early, so he'll have an hour or more to himself in the afternoons. WHY CAN'T I HAVE THAT. WHY.

Today, it has been one week since Nick's surgery. The incision (which is like 2 inches by .5 inch) has required daily cleaning and wrapping, which I have had to assist with, of course. I'm sure the incision does hurt, but it does not look that bad to me (no pus, blood, nothing - just a clean incision). He, however, acts like his arm was amputated and he's so hurt and wounded. Sometimes I just look at him and think he needs to man up and stop being such a wuss. My poor mom went back to work 3 days after having a C-SECTION. That's not advisable, but she sucked it up and did what she had to do for her family! Nick got 7 days out of work for a lump and a tiny incision. I don't mean to make light of his suffering - I know he wasn't feeling good with the fever, the pain, etc. But now that the lump has been drained and treated, I'm just like, you're fine. Get over it. I bet I would have handled it a lot better than he has. He did go back to work yesterday, as did I since my spring break was OVER. I'm still so bitter from losing my time alone lol. Do you know what I might have to do? I might just have to use some of my freaking sick days to have some time alone in my own house! That's actually not a bad idea...

PS - We still don't know if what Nick had was in fact Cat Scratch Fever. He goes back on Thursday for a follow-up and they should have the lab work that was completed on the day of the surgery done by then.

PSS - We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 9th. Nick got me a nice big bouquet of a variety of flowers and a card, so that was sweet. I didn't get him anything as he usually doesn't get me anything. We had a nice anniversary dinner outside at a local restaurant, which was tasty and fun.

1:57 p.m. - Monday, Apr. 12, 2021


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