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Nick had 2 strong leads for jobs this week, but they already have not panned out. The one he really wanted ended up hiring a former employee. Otherwise, he would have been one of their top picks. The other lead was just a flat out rejection, even though his interview earlier this week went well. He's now applied to over 100 jobs and has been on countless interviews, that all go well! He just never ends up getting hired by anyone. He has been unemployed for SIXXXX months! This is crazy, I never imagined he'd be at home this long. I hope he finds something soon.

On top of him not being able to find a job, he and his brother had a falling out. Did I mention this? Nick's brother and sister came for a visit back in July and it happened to be a weekend I wasn't there. He and his brother ended up having a few minor exchanges over really dumb insignificant stuff (Nick passed his brother a hot dog bun and his brother said he was trying to control the situation, his brother dropped the Xbox controller after having too many beers and Nick fussed at him). I guess his brother was really mad at Nick because he and the sister left in the middle of the night after Nick had gone to bed! They live about an hour and a half away, so not a long drive, but still, to leave in the middle of the night like that was just weird. When Nick woke up the next day and realized they were gone, he said he broke down and cried. He just couldn't understand why his brother would leave over silly little arguments. They literally haven't talked since and his brother even blocked him on Facebook. Nick loves his brother and has extended olive branches to move past all of this with no response.

In the past, Nick has had a couple of major arguments/fights with his grandfather, resulting in no contact for months. Now, the same thing has happened with his brother. He just feels like he can't trust anyone since his family frequently 'betrays" him. Nick isn't totally blameless in these situations...I was there for both fights with his grandfather and the second one was definitely his fault - he kept provoking his grandfather to say that he (Nick) isn't a real man because he didn't go to college. (Nick's whole family other than he and his brother, the one he had a falling out with, are college educated with Master's degrees or Ph.D.'s). Nick can be a difficult person to be around, with being controlling and liking things a certain way. That's probably what his brother got tired of dealing with.

The combination of being unemployed for so long on top of the falling out with his brother has really affected Nick's self-esteem. As a result, he's quick to get angry or upset, which has caused us to have many fights. He often misinterprets things I say and will respond negatively. He's just always on the brink of a bad mood, it seems. Getting a job and reconciling with his brother would really uplift his spirits and give him a more positive outlook. I hope both of those things happen soon.

In other news, I am bringing a kitty home this weekend! A class right across the hall from me at school adopted a little orange tabby kitten for their class pet and I have gotten the chance to really bond with him! He's spent many hours in my office swatting at pens or sleeping in my arms. I literally held him for over an hour yesterday because each time I tried to put him down, he climbed right back into my arms. He's very sweet and cuddly. He can be timid and will hide, but he's getting more comfortable. I have wanted so badly to adopt him, but Nick is being firm on his "no pets" rule. I have asked Nick WHY is now not a good time to get a cat? He never has a good answer, he just says he doesn't want one "right now". When else will I have such a fun adoption story with a cat that stayed with me in my office at work? Nick at least has agreed to let the kitty come stay for the weekend. I'm hoping that he will see how nice the cat is and that it wouldn't be any trouble to keep him. My mom and sisters are also coming up to visit and I know they'll all love him as they're cat people.

Here is a cute pic of the kitty: 8-FEACE85-EBFF-45-D0-9020-95-A31-E606695

2:11 p.m. - Friday, Oct. 02, 2020


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