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Miracles of miracles, we have a wedding venue! There's this place right around the corner from my mom's house that does wedding packages that are quite reasonable. The venue is beautiful! It's setup for weddings outside, and the ceremony space is just surrounded by so much natural beauty - they've planted so many trees, flowering bushes, and shrubs that are green year round so it always looks amazing no matter what time of year. There's also lots of mirrors, cozy outside couches around fire pits, and other really cool features that just make it super nice. This place does the food, the wedding cake, and the alcohol! All of our problems are solved! Well, we still have to find an officiant, but that seems like nothing now!

You know, I actually think this will turn out way better than having it at the lake house. Having it at this venue, where everything is included, is so much less stressful!! I don't know why everyone doesn't do wedding packages! Having to find all the pieces and make them fit (catering, photography, chair rentals, etc etc etc) is such a huge pain and really makes planning a wedding no fun at all. I'm actually excited about our wedding again! Once we found this venue, my anxiety went down and I realized how stressed I had been with trying to plan the wedding at the lake house. All is well now!

The only thing is that we had to push the wedding back by one day, so now the wedding is set for April 9, 2017. The venue was already booked for April 8, our original wedding date. I truly feel we were meant to have our wedding at this venue! April 9th is actually a much more special and meaningful date for Nick and I. When we get married on April 9, 2017, that will mark 6 years to the EXACT DAY that we had our first kiss. Our first kiss was April 9, 2011.

It really couldn't get more perfect than that!

4:26 p.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 06, 2016


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