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No Wedding Venue. Great.

I got some exciting news over the weekend. After months of planning, Nick and I will no longer be able to use his grandparents' lake house as our wedding venue. We haven't spoken to them directly yet because they weren't feeling well enough this past weekend for us to come for our usual visit, so Nick's mom told him while he was at her house this weekend. She said that they don't feel like they can take on the wedding due to numerous health issues. They had previously been ecstatic about us getting married at their house, so I wonder if something has significantly changed for them, health wise. I hope not, but they are both 71 after all. Nick's grandfather probably has the most health problems. He battled prostate cancer a couple of years ago, but has been in the clear since. His most recent issue was having vein ablations in both of his legs. I guess things have just gotten to a point where they can't take on the stress of putting on a wedding. They can be perfectionist and anxiety prone, so that probably doesn't help.

So, t-minus 5 months until the wedding and we have no venue. Most venues cost thousands and are already booked up. My anxiety is through the roof. I would say forget the whole thing and let's just go to city hall, but I have the most beautiful dress that I must wear somewhere! Ahh.

6:42 p.m. - Monday, Nov. 07, 2016


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