Fender Bender

So, I took an alternate route home today to avoid traffic backed up on the interstate (most likely due to a wreck) and what happens? I GET REAR ENDED. Some bozo was driving too fast and following too closely, so when traffic came to a stop in front of me, he didn't have enough time to stop. He swerved to avoid hitting me but caught the back on the driver's side. Even though most of the damage was on the driver's side, the whole back is effed because it threw everything else out of line. I had to have it towed because the messed up part of the body was pressed up against the tire. GREAAATTT. At least the wreck was in no way my fault and no one got hurt.

Oh, by the way, MY CAR IS BRAND NEW. I just got it in April! FML.

Oh well, such is life. After that debacle, I at least got to go to the lake and swim around and relax for a bit. Luckily enough, I happened to go to the lake on the evening they were having fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July. Fireworks didn't start until after dark, so I got to watch the sunset over the lake, which was beautiful. I'm so glad I live so close to such a nice lake.

By the way, I still haven't heard from N. It's truly over and I'm still trying to move on, which is kind of hard since I dream about him every night. Cruel, right? I thought of him after the wreck happened today. What if I had been seriously injured? He wouldn't have known because he hasn't bothered contacting me in over a month. Even if I died, he would never know. He clearly doesn't care. I'm disappointed I wasted so much time on him, but then again, I didn't know he would one day just throw me away without a second thought. He really had me going, acting like he really cared about me. What a deceitful liar! Why would he bother spending 3 years getting to know me mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. if he was just going to dump me as soon as he found someone he wanted to actually date? Still doesn't make sense to me, but I guess the actions of idiots aren't supposed to make sense.

It's his loss. I've shed my tears over him (like, seriously, PLENTY), but he's the one that'll be sorry one day. i was always a caring, supportive friend who was always there for him when he most needed someone. I was there for his highs and his lows, the good and the bad. Even so, I never said, "this is too much" or "you're crazy" or "I deserve better". I stood by him and unfortunately loved him anyway. He was always desperate for friends and desperate to be accepted for who he is, so I don't understand why he wouldn't hang on to someone who loves him. Like I said, one day he'll realize his mistake. His loss.

In other news, my sister and I have finally gotten our new apartment! The layout is exactly the same as my old apartment, but it's just reversed. That'll probably weird me out the first time I walk into it because I'm so used to how my old apartment looks. I am SO GLAD (glad beyond words!!!) to be moving away from those lunatic roommates I had. I can't even believe I put up with such a living arrangement for 2 years! How did I survive? Anyways, we'll be able to move into the new place on July 19th. The new apartment is in the same complex as the old apartment, so it won't be far for me to move all of my stuff. I'm just thrilled to have a nice place with my sister. Our apartment is on the back of the building, so our windows and balcony face the woods and nice crepe myrtle trees instead of the highway. Niiiice! It's going to be so nice living with my sister instead of those weirdos. I might actually ENJOY my last year of grad school now that I have a nice place to come home to.

Well, it's been a long, nerve-wracking day. Time for lights out.

1:05 a.m. - Sunday, Jun. 30, 2013


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