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Sooo, the insurance people ruled in my favor, saying the accident wasn't my fault (obviously), so I was able to get a rental car today. It's a black Dodge Avenger, and I feel like I'm driving in a cave (no offense, Dodge Avenger drivers). I just feel like I can barely see out of the thing while driving! It's like the roof is closing in, ahhh.

I hope it doesn't take too long for my car to be fixed. When my sister got rear ended, the shop had the car for 3 months! The damage was much worse on her car, though, so hopefully mine won't take that long.

Sigh, what else? I could prattle on some more about N, but what more is there to say? I haven't even seen the guy in 3 months or talked to him at all for 2 months. I'm pretty sure I've repeated myself plenty where that topic is concerned. I'm still dreaming about him every night, and that's starting to get annoying. How am I supposed to move on if I can't even escape the thought of him while SLEEPING? It doesn't help when the dreams feel so real. Stupid brain! STOP IT.

Speaking of things done while sleeping, I also happen to grind my teeth so horribly that it wakes people up. The sound has been described as "marbles scraping across concrete" and other cringe-worthy descriptions. Ok, I may be fat and ugly, but I have always had nice teeth that did not require braces or whitening. So, I'm basically destroying the only good physical quality I have about myself. I'll probably grind my teeth to sharp points like the goblins that run Gringotts in Harry Potter. Either that or nubs! I bought a mouth guard from Walmart to wear while I sleep, but it's kind of uncomfortable. Even though it's molded to my teeth, it is still slightly off. Sigh. I don't have $190 for my dentist to custom make one. Guess I'll have to wear dentures soon!

In other news, my sister made me go to a weight lifting class at the gym. I dreaded going because I was pretty sure I would die trying to do such an intense workout for an hour, but after surviving it, I can say now that I actually expected it to be more difficult. I still probably won't be able to walk too well or raise my arms without them shaking tomorrow. Squatting onto the toilet may also prove to be a challenge.

Well, nothing else going on in my life, so I guess I'll go to sleep and grind my teeth and dream of a guy who doesn't want me. Niiiiice.

12:34 a.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 03, 2013


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