Today I had to take my little sister to register for 10th grade. She got her schedule, and we have Spanish 3 and Oracle I Honors together! I'm not sure how I feel about it...I mean, at school, we both are really shy (when we're NOT at home) and we act very differently. Normally, I don't care that I act differently at school because these people don't know how I really act anyway (like my sister does), so I'm like "well...they won't think I'm acting weird since they don't know how I really am anyway!". Well, now that my sister and I have classes together, we get to watch each other act weird! Great.

Anyways, her registration took FOREVER. We were there for 2 1/2 hours! And our school is crazy, they never turn on the air conditioning for registration. I guess they like huge swarming masses of sweating people.

When we finally got out of there and got home, we were exhausted! We watched our soaps, and then we both took really good naps! I slept from 2:00 to 4:00. I was worn out from the heat, but also because I had to get up at 8:00 today (ooo, early!) when I ususally get up at 12:30. So man, I just conked out. We were going to go swimming later on because it was just so hot, but I woke up during my nap and it was pouring down outside & thunderstorming. So much for swimming! Ohh, but it was just so cozy waking up on my comfy couch with my fluffy blanket and seeing a thunderstorm outside. I just snuggled back down into my pillows and went back to sleep!

I kinda feel bad, though. My mom said that I've just slept my summer away. That makes me feel like I haven't accomplished anything and that I'm a lazy bum! :( Speaking of not accomplishing things, I have yet to finish summer reading. I have a little more than a week to read 2 1/2 books! I think this is my procrastination at its worst. I really can't be pulling stuff like this for my senior year! I've got to get it together, here! Well, I better go read...*trudges off*...

12:08 a.m. - August 09, 2006


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