Some Frustration

My mom and sister are just alike. When I'm arguing with them, they just say, "whatever, you're right, have the last word". I HATE THAT. WHY can't they just argue with me for once? And I don't WANT to have the last word, it's just that I usually have more to add to my argument. UGHH! That's SO DUMBBBB.

My little sister and I aren't even allowed to argue! Everytime we start arguing, my mom is like, "stop arguing! JUST STOP!". Do you know how much that annoys me? I mean, siblings ARGUE. That's just the way it's always been. It's so constricting NOT being allowed to argue so I go nuts and come on here and vent!

My little sister can be SO annoying (what little sister's aren't at some point?). Here's what REALLY annoys me: when I'm trying to explain something to her that she's wrong about, she doesn't want to listen and she goes, "fine whatever, I don't care!" and then if I keep talking she's like, "shut up you loser, I HATE YOU!".

BUT THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING SHE DOES: When she doesn't want to hear what I have to say (because she knows I'm right and she's wrong), she plugs her ears and says, "can't hear you! what? not listening! whatever!" in this really annoying makes-you-want-to-kill voice. Here's an example of that:
My sister has a lot of red in her brown hair. When she uses those red-enhancing shampoos, the red really comes out. But, my mom still wants to redden it up even more because she thinks it'll look pretty. But my sister absolutely will not try any kind of dye. Not even the temporary kind that washes out in 12-24 shampoos. BUT, I tried to explain to her that there is this stuff at Sally's Beauty, called Fanciful Toner, that washes out COMPLETELY in ONE shampoo. My mom was like, "yeah, let's try that!", but my sister was like, "nooo, I'm afraid it'll turn out a bad color!". I was like, "IT WASHES OUT. IF IT TURNS OUT A BAD COLOR, JUST GO TAKE A SHOWER AND IT'S ALL GONE!". For some reason, my sister couldn't get the fact that that stuff is completely no-committment. And I get really annoyed when people don't understand what I'm saying, so I kept saying to her that it'll wash out in one go, and eventually she was like "just whatever!" and she did the ear plug thing. That makes me want to SCREAMMMM!! AHHHHLDldjf;lajkdsf;s!

1:26 a.m. - August 12, 2006


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