Happy New Year!

I cannot even believe it is a school night! Someone shoot me, please! Remember that date with that boy I talked about? Yeah, well that guy called me on New Years Day, and he was talking about all kinds of stuff right, and then he was like, "there's something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time..." and then he told me he loves me! I THINK HE IS CRAZY. Ok, I've known this guy since elementary school. Well, not really "known" him because we never had classes together, but I knew who he was and stuff. Last year at school we rode the bus together, and I usually sat beside him because we had assigned seats. He would talk to me about all this stuff I'm not really interested in (like ROTC or the war book he was reading) and I didn't even really act like I was interested, but he kept talking, and I was nice to him. He also gave me a ride home from school once when I missed the bus. Then just this past school year, he had been hanging around me in the mornings at school in the cafeteria when I was sitting with my friends waiting for the bell to ring. I didn't think anything of it! I mean, this guy is not the most popular guy in the world. I'm not saying I only go out with popular guys, it's just that he's not that...cool. Like, he's kinda off. I know for a fact we're not on the same intelligence level, which is kind of annoying because I feel I have to be stupid when I'm around him. I think that I'm the only girl that's actually gone out with him, so he's like, getting too emotional because that's never happened to him before or something. I don't know! Even though I only like him as a friend, I still want to go to the military ball, just for the experience! I found a really pretty sparkly dress at Dillard's, but it's not on sale (even though I found it on the 50% off rack!) and so it's too expensive because it's $150. My mom's thinking it's probably going to go on sale soon though. We'll see!

Today I lost $20 again! The other time I lost $20 was at school when I pulled something out of my pocket. Once again, I put the money in my pocket, pulled something out, and it fell out. Ughh, I hate how I lose money! Guess I'm going to have to start using that wallet! Man, 2006 is going to be a CRAZY year! In March, my little sister turns 15 and gets her permit and starts DRIVING! Then in April my friend that I've known forever turns 18 and she's going to prom. Then in May, she graduates since she's a senior! Then in June, my friend's older sister is getting married, and I'm going to be one of the bridesmaids, along with two of my sisters. Then in August, I start school as a senior, and then in November, I turn 18 and my older sister turns 24! THEN in December, my oldest sister turns 27 and my nephew turns 4! Oh man, so much is going on this year, my brain hurts just thinking about it! Today, since I didn't have school, my little sister and I went prom dress shopping with my friend. It was actually rather boring watching her try on all these dresses. We went to one store and after a while it started to get crowded, and there was this other girl there who was trying on these really pretty dresses for some pagent, and she had a bunch of people with her ooing and ahhing at how pretty she looked. I know my friend was jealous that all the attention wasn't on her bceause she told me she didn't like the store because of the people. Yeah, because the people weren't all focusing on HER!

11:25 p.m. - January 02, 2006


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