Friends?? What friends??

Do I have friends or not? Today at school in US History my teacher let us work in groups (if we wanted to) so we could quiz each other to help us prepare for our test on Tuesday. I usually work with this one girl, but she had gotten together with these two other girls who are my friends and talk to me and stuff. But did any of them ask me to join their group even though I was sitting right next to them all alone? Nope! That one girl I usually work with even looked at me and smiled and went back to work with the other girls instead of saying "hey, why don't you come and work with us?". I felt so bad sitting there all alone because literally the whole class had split off into their little groups. I was the only person by myself. That just means that no one in that class likes me enough to want me in their group or be around me. Cause you know how when you have friends in your class and you get to do group work, you immediately go to them? Ya. So, that made me feel really bad.

One of my friends who forgot my birthday (she really didn't mean to forget) made me a sign that said happy birthday and stuff, but she spelled my last name wrong! Ok, she's known me for how long? Why can't people spell my last name right? What's so difficult about it? It's only 5 letters!

Today in Chemistry I felt so upset and frustrated because I didn't understand a thing we did in there!! Stupid molecular, organic, and chemical nomenclature! When will I ever use that?? NEVER!!

We got the two rolls of birthday pictures back today and I look so ugly in ALL of them! I'm so huge! I know girls say they're fat all the time (particularly the skinny ones), but I really am fat! I have resolved to go on a diet. This must not go on, I tell you! Haha, my older sister thought she had a double chin in the pictures! I thought she looked good because she's lost weight recently, so I didn't see where the double chin business was coming from. Ok, there was one picture where it looked like a double chin, but that was the camera angle, I swear! Me on the other upper arms are so HUGE! They do not match my forearms, which are smaller. UGHGHGHGH.

I wonder if my school's football team beat our rival tonight...guess I'll find out Monday.

I got a dry erase board today from K-Mart and I've been practicing writing with my left hand on it. I want to be ambidexterous! That dry erase board must be cheap, because it like, fell apart when I opened it! Like, the plastic rim that goes around it is broken and falling off, so I'm going to take it back tomorrow. Tonight we went out to eat for the "expensive dinner" part of my birthday (try $97!!!), even though my birthday was Thursday. While we were waiting for a table, we were talking about accents. My mom and older sister are both from the Midwest. They've both lived here long enough to lose their Midwestern accents, but my older sister goes back there every now and then to visit her family (her dad's side), and she says she can hear their accents now! Anyway, my point is that I really don't think I have an accent. Sure, I live in the South, but I do not sound like a redneck or a country hick! I don't have an accent! The way I speak is just standard. I asked my mom if I went up North would the people think I have an accent, and she was like yeah. But I'm telling you, I don't have a southern accent! I seriously don't! I do have family that has very southern/country-type accents. Dang, if I'm up there for a week I start sounding like them. When you start adopting the accent of the people you're visiting, it's time ta go!

1:12 a.m. - November 05, 2005


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