MY 17th BIRTHDAY!!!!

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM 17!!! Today was pretty much a really good day! The only downside to today was that no one at school (even people who are supposed to be FRIENDS) remembered it was my birthday! So that kinda made me feel sad. There's this other girl I've known since elementary school and we have the same birthday and she had balloons and all kinds of stuff. But anyway, today in Desktop Publishing the bookmarks I made for my mom and my sisters were finished! My teacher had them laminated and I was so glad they were ready because I knew I was getting presents today, so I wanted to give my mom and sisters a little something. The bookmark I made for my little sister has her name on it and butterflies everywhere. For my older sister I made her a Crossfade bookmark because she loves them. She loves Ed! For my bookmark, I (of course) made a Christina Aguilera bookmark. For my mom I had a picture of daisies with a cool quote in this neat cursive font on it. They all turned out really well! My mom got my little sister out of school early today so they could go birthday shopping, so I rode home by myself. When I got home, no one was there, no lights were on, and the house was A MESS! At first I was thinking, wow, what a great 17th birthday greeting! But my mom and little sister came home right after that and banished me from the downstairs so they could fix it up. So, I was up here in my room for a while messing around on the computer and doing homework. Then my older sister got here and even my mom's best friend and her daughter (the one I've known forever) came over! After a while I was FINALLY able to come downstairs and you wouldn't have believed the transformation of the place! In the dining room area, we have two tables. Besides the normal rectangle dining room table, we have this round table that we use especially for birthdays because it's perfect for the cake and presents to go on. My mom always decorates the round table really nice! The theme of my birthday was a tropical Hawaiian type thing, so the round table was covered in presents wrapped in lime green, hot pink, and turquoise paper! I had a little palm tree center piece, a giant pineapple made out of paper, brightly colored balloons along with a mylar sun balloon, and the palm tree/parrot string lights I have were strung up on the wall. The rest of the house was clean too and the dining room table had all kinds of neat food on it! My cake was SO CUTE! It was a homemade chocolate cake with sprinkles (THE BEST) and my mom had put little turtles, starfish, and seaweed candy on it to match the tropical theme. I even had tropically colored candles! My mom took two rolls of film at my birthday and we're going to get them developed tomorrow! Hmm...maybe I'll scan the pictures and post a link to them on here!! Well, as you can see, I have already written plenty. Tomorrow I will tell you what presents I got!!! :) :) :) :) :) Oh, going back for a sec, it's kinda sad how my friends didn't remember my birthday. My grandpa, who is 80 years old and has dimentia and alzheimers and problems with numbers (he told me just this past weekend about a time it snowed and he said there was 11 inches of snow on the ground...but then he said the snow came up to his waist...yeah, his waist is not 11 inches from the ground). But anyway, my mom asked my grandpa how old I was going to be on my birthday, and he paused for a moment and then he was like, "she's going to be 17"! Isn't that crazy?!?!?! My aunt, who does not have a deteriorating memory or any kind of problem besides being a severe chain smoker, thought I was going to be 16! She always thinks I was born in '89 when I was born in '88. Even though my friends forgot my birthday and my aunt didn't know how old I was going to be, at least my Papaw, mom, and sisters knew today was my birthday and that I was going to be 17!

11:20 p.m. - November 03, 2005


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