I Hate Chemistry

Well, I was going to go to Chemistry academic assistance tomorrow (today) after school since we have a test on Friday. Well, my teacher said she can't do academic assistance because she has a meeting. So basically, if I thought I was going to fail before even with help from the teacher, I'm definitely going to fail now! Chemistry SUCKS! Ok, on to other things. I asked my friend that I've known forever to come over tomorrow and help me with this Chemistry stuff. She's supposed to be the Chemistry whiz ("Oh I'll help you! I got a 114 on my exam!" How do you get a 114 on an exam? Sure, 114 sounds great, but was it out of 100? Hmm...) so maybe she can get me to understand this stuff. Although, she didn't seem to know what she was talking about the other day...I get to drive my coolest friend Brittany home tomorrow (today)! I asked if she could come over and have my friend that I've known forever help us BOTH on this Chemistry deal. Brittany and I have the same teacher but during a different period. Which sucks, because Brittany rocks. She's not sure if her dad will let her come over. Ok, her dad will let her get into a car with me and go 45 mph down the road but not 5 minutes away in a non-moving environment to study for a Chemistry test. I don't know about you, but that doesn't really make sense. Whatever, I hope she can come over tomorrow. WHAT AM I DOING ON HERE? IT IS 12:20 AM (as of now!) I've got to go to bed! BYE!

12:14 a.m. - August 25, 2005


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