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I actually can't remember what I did today. Oh yeah. In language we talked about a sermon we read by John Edwards. This John Edwards guy kinda freaked me out! In his sermon he kept saying that we're all hanging by a thread above Hell and it's only God's pleasure that keeps us from falling. There was one bit in there that I remember really well because it was just so graphic. I'm not doing it justice by not quoting it exactly, but here's the gist of it: "The bow of God's wrath is bent and an arrow is upon it; it is only by God's mere pleasure that keeps the arrow from one second being made drunk with your blood". It was longer than that, but the arrow being drunk with blood was just so-I don't know. Even though it's a scary thought, I just really liked how that was described. But anyway, we also talked a bit about Catch-22 (I HATE that book!) and we had to do a "journal", which is a literary analysis basically, on a slave narrative we read for homework. Then I went to Spanish...eh nothing much to say about that. Then I went to Latin and we went to the library to start our research on our people for our projects. I got Gaius Marius. Eee! Then I had Desktop Publishing-eh. After the bell rang, I had to go to my crazy Chemistry teacher and buy a pair of goggles for the lab tomorrow because I threw out mine from last year. We have to have stupid goggles even though the lab we're doing only involves water! Sheesh! Goggles for water! A bit much, ya think? We shower every morning, should we wear goggles for that? After school my older sister came over and it was SO HOT that we went swimming! We were there for a while and now my eyes are all bloodshot. Fun! I'm also beat, but relaxed. The pool makes you really tired, but soo relaxed. Ahhh. AHHHH! *moment of relaxation over* I have a chemistry test ON FRIDAY and I have no idea how to do this conversion stuff! Seriously, NO idea! I'm going to academic assistance on Thursday, but I don't know if that'll help me enough in time for the test on Friday. It's almost as if I can already see my GPA falling...

11:48 p.m. - August 23, 2005


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