So my coolest friend Brittany came over today! It was so weird having her in my car (who's engine light came on again) going to my house because we've only ever been together in a school environment. But anyway, we *tried* to learn this Chemistry stuff. I kind of understand it now. But just watch, tomorrow on the test I'll forget everything. Even though Brittany and I were studying the most horrible subject in the world (CHEMISTRY), we still managed to laugh our heads off. Man, I was laughing hard every 10 seconds. I don't think I've ever laughed so much! Even though the Chemistry part sucked, studying with Brittany was so much fun! I wanted her to stay and eat pizza with us but her parents wanted her back home. My friend that I've known forever tried to help us with the Chemistry (after all, she's the Chem whiz, riiight?) but Brittany and I just got confused. And then my friend I've known forever talked about all the hard stuff she's doing in Chemistry II. Me and Brittany were like "yeah....ok". Her "tutoring" did help some, I guess. What annoyed me though was my friend I've known forever kept showing off for Brittany. She does that with ALL my friends because she thinks she can get them to like her better than me. Friend stealer! But no way jose, Brittany doesn't play like that. Brittany knows her tricks! AHH, once again I'm on here when I should be in the bed. Wish me and Brittany luck on that Chemistry test tomorrow!

12:33 a.m. - August 26, 2005


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