Cuckoo Eyes

Today, I came to the realization that I have cuckoo eyes.

My mom and older sister decided that today would be the *perfect* day to get a "sister picture" taken at Wal*Mart. Today was just the perfect day to wear a bunch of makeup! It was the hottest day in three years with a heat index of 107. Ideal conditions, no? It was melting hot.

Before we went to Wally World, my mom took a whole role of film of us on her camera because she thought we looked so pretty. We dropped that roll of film off at the one hour place while we did our sister picture at Wal*Mart. The sister picture was difficult to take because everyone (sigh, including me) kept finding something wrong with the way they looked in it, so we had to re-take it about a million times. For some reason, I always had this sneaky smile on my face! I don't know what I would be looking sneaky for! I thought it was annoying how I looked sneaky. My stupid face never does what I want it to.

After what seemed like forever, we finally took a picture that we all liked. I actually thought I looked ok in it. BUT THEN we got the one hour photos back. I got to looking at them, and I noticed that I have crazy cuckoo eyes. It's like my left eye wants to look one way and the right eye another! Ok, it's not that bad, but there IS a slight disparity in my eyes! If you've seen the movie Madagascar, I look like the penguin with the crazy eyes.

I told my mom about my eye problem and, of course, she couldn't find anything wrong. Stupid crazy eyes! This is what it looks like: It looks like a chartoon character who got hit in the head so hard that his eyes went in two different directions, his tongue is hanging out, and there are little stars circling his head. Get what I'm saying?

Of course I didn't have my tongue sticking out or stars circling my head, but other than that, it was the exact same thing.

12:16 a.m. - July 28, 2005


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