Parking Pass

Today I went to the high school to get my parking pass. You know, I really didn't like having to see all those people from school. Since the band was out in the parking lot practicing in the million degree weather, I couldn't go hunt down my parking spot. Then my older sister came over and her, me, my mom, and little sister went out to eat at a Greek place for lunch. I had a yummy lamb gyro! We actually spent the whole time talking about my friend (the one I've known forever, yadda yadda). See, my friend isn't really a friend. She spends her time proving she's smarter, prettier, and basically all around better than me. Some friend, eh? Shame, we've known each other for so long and she acts like that. Well, her mom, who is scatter-brained, went out of town to visit her other daughter and left my friend with her mother (my friend's grandma). My friend has done some bad things in the past, which have given her mother reasons not to trust her. But then she goes and runs off and leaves her with her 83 year old mother who can't keep up with her! From what I've heard, my friend has been running around with friends all day and all night. I wouldn't put it past her to be fooling around with boys either. My friend is such a hypocrite. Ok, I don't want to talk about her anymore. We went to CVS and got our beach pictures back. I actually don't look as enormous as I usually do in those pictures. Hmm. Oh yeah, while we were at the beach, we were having so much fun out there in the ocean when I distinctly saw a black fin! It could of been a dolphin, but then, it may have also been a shark that could of ripped us apart. So we got out and sat in our beach chairs a while, and were falling asleep. After dozing, we fed all these seagulls some Goldfish crackers and they were like, attacking us! I mean, those birds would not hesitate to come right up to us to get a Goldfish cracker. Brave things! After a while of dozing on the beach and playing with the wildlife, we got back in the ocean for the rest of the day. I must say, after being out there in the sun for a whole day, my tan has really improved from just going to the pool. I did get a little sunburnt on my nose and the tops of my cheeks, but now it has turned to tan. Eeee! Oh yeah, I forgot, we went back to the high school and found my parking spot. It's in an ok spot I guess. I got some sparkly nail polish at CVS! My sisters and I are supposed to get a sister picture taken tomorrow at Wal*Mart. I usually look not-so-great in pictures. Oh well! Ooo, I'm starving and I think I smell tuna sandwiches...

8:08 p.m. - July 26, 2005


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