A Lousy Friend

Too tired to update...well there's just one thing-my friend who thinks she's all that came over today and I haven't seen her in two long weeks. So, of course, she had to remind me how brilliant she is. She rubbed it in my face that she's going to be a senior this year, that she's going to get her license tomorrow (her full license...I only have a stupid restricted and can't drive past 8! 8 is too early!), that she's taking all these Honors and AP classes (I told her about me making a 4 on my AP exam and she just nodded and looked away. No smile, or a "good job!" or anything), and since I last saw her, she's lost another ten pounds. She had to show that off too, by running and jumping into her new bikini that her dad bought her. No one asked her or expressed any interest in her modeling her bathing suit! She just did it to show off. The first day of seeing her after two weeks and I'm already sick of her again! Well, at least school is starting up soon (even though I REALLY don't want to go back), and she has soo many challenging courses this year, she'll be too busy studying and whatnot to come around here. What a lousy friend.

12:31 a.m. - July 29, 2005


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