Mold anyone?

I went out to eat tonight with my mom's friend and my friend that I have known since forever...you know, the one who is always trying to prove that she is better than me. Well anyway, we went to eat at this pizza place and after dinner we decided to get dessert. Me and my sister split a piece of Chocolate Mousse cake and my friend got a piece of Tuxedo cake or something like that. The waitress brought us our cakes and we start eating away when my friend spits out her cake and looks at it and says it has MOLD on it! Now, I thought that was funny. My friend was being so serious about it ("This is not acceptable! I do not find this funny AT ALL") I mean, I know she put a piece of the cake with mold on it in her mouth, but still! She was being so dramatic (like she always is) about it. And I couldn't stop laughing! Cause see, she's the hot latina girl who is so pretty and so perfect (yeah, right!) and then here she is so fired up about moldy cake. Ahahaha...well, I guess you had to be there. The waitress was from Venezuela and my mom's friend can speak Spanish, so they sat there talking back and forth in Spanish which I thought was really cool! Man, I've GOT to learn to speak Spanish! My friend, who thinks she's so smart, can't even speak Spanish even though the rest of her familia does. Shame.

12:04 a.m. - July 10, 2004


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