Pants on Fire

I haven't updated in a while! Well, I started 10th grade on Aguust 12th and the first two days were okay. I mean, I don't love it yet but I have only been going for two days so I need to give it time. Remember my friend I told you about who was always trying to be better than me?? Well, her mom called my mom this morning and said that the guidance counselor from my friend's school called (on a Saturday morning, mind!) and was wondering what class level (on grade level, advanced, honors, or advanced placement) to put her in. The guidance lady wants to put her in the on grade level classes but they are all full. ON GRADE LEVEL. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just my friend is always showing me how smart she is and junk. But the guidance lady said her grades at her school in GA (where she used to live) were all C's and D's and so were her grades last year at the school she's going to now. Only last spring did she make A's. They were telling her mom how she doesn't think that my friend is going to get the Life Scholarship with those grades and everything. My friend's mom had NO IDEA all this was going on with her grades because my friend would just lie and say she got all A's! I remember her telling me once she got "Student of the Interim". There is no such thing! She was just lying! It upsets me that she would lie to her mother and me about her grades just so she can pretend to be the smartest and best. Egads!

1:06 p.m. - August 14, 2004


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