Some friend, huh?

Ugh!! Okay, I used to like this boy and I kind of still do. I just so happened to be this boy's first friend in a public school because he used to go to a private school. I first met him in 7th grade and he was really nice (the type that holds doors open for people) and all that jazz. Then in 8th grade he started talking to me less and flirting with all the cheerleaders and the preps that were in our classes. Then last year, in 9th grade, he didn't talk to me at all except for a few times. Then when summer started up, I e-mailed him and we e-mailed back and forth for a while. Then my used to be best friend called me up and told me all about how she likes him and how he likes her back. I mean, this friend of mine hadn't called me at all, then all of a sudden when the dude I used to like likes her too, she has to call me and tell me about it! She knew I used to like him, too. I pick bad friends or something, because most of my friends are always trying to prove that they are better than me in everyway. Some friends, huh?

10:15 p.m. - June 26, 2004


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