The Wedding?

I am feeling stressed. Planning a wedding - while also trying to find a house to buy - is stressful. Sure, making a Pinterest board with a whole bunch of ideas was fun, but the actual logistics of it - getting a caterer, ordering a silly dress you're only going to wear one day, renting stupid white chairs for hundreds of dollars, etc. - is NOT FUN.

So, I came up with an idea. I say, forget the wedding ceremony. I really don't like all of the attention on me, anyway. Nick and I can just go to the court house and get married, and that way, it's a private moment between the two of us, not a big (expensive) show. Then, we can still throw a party to celebrate our marriage at the lake house. We can have a big cook out with hot dogs and hamburgers! It'll be more casual and FUN. No silly ceremony to coordinate and stress out over! I may have even impulsively bought a knee length white lace dress online for $60 at DressBarn. It's super cute and it'll still be obvious that I'm the bride. I still want to dress up and all of that, just without all of the spending money and ceremony part.

If we do it this way, we could even do it much sooner! I'm thinking we could go to the court house soon, like next month! We could already be married by the time we throw the summer party at the lake house in July! That just sounds like way more fun to me than taking a whole year to plan an expensive wedding that I don't even know if I'll enjoy. The whole thing sounds nice in my head, but tensions run high and people get stressed out on high pressure days like that, and that's no fun. Nick especially is prone to being easily irritated and upset, so I can already imagine him pissing me off with his bad attitude and just really ruining the whole thing for me. I'd rather avoid spending thousands just to be in a bad mood, you know??

So yes, that's my grand idea. I just have to convince the groom of the whole bit now, lol.

10:12 p.m. - Saturday, May. 21, 2016


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