iMovie is not really your friend when you have low self-esteem. I thought it would be fun to film myself singing along to a song, and not only was I cringing at how I can't sing, but also at how I look on camera!! I make the weirdest facial movements, and my two nostril holes are not symmetrical (and I don't have enough money for rhinoplasty...not that I would actually get it).

Sure, I've seen myself in pictures and stuff, but seeing me as others do, actually in action...AHH! I look like a bulldog with hanging jowls. :( Not attractive...and even though I've been running consistently for a few months now, my face is still fatty fat fat. But then again, the camera adds 10 pounds, or so they say.

Well, whatever. My cancer kitty is still hanging in there. He actually doesn't seem as bad off as he was a few weeks ago, though he still is a lot skinnier than he used to be, even though he sure can pig out on a can of Friskies savory shreds or meaty bits (he doesn't like pate).

Other than that, not much to report. School is the usual, though I do need to get my behind in gear and start preparing for the GRE...otherwise I might not get into grad school and I HAVE to. Work is also the usual. Nothing new there. Speaking of work, I actually have to work tomorrow (booo, Saturday), so I better get some REM sleep.

11:24 p.m. - Friday, Sept. 17, 2010


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