A Different Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was actually pretty nice this year. Different, but nice.

Thanksgiving used to be spent at my Papaw's house with his three daughters (my aunts) and their kids (my cousins), but now Papaw is gone and so is one of the aunts. With Papaw went his house, along with years of memories. The bank repossessed the house, and now there is another family living in it. We drove by it, for old time's sake, and it was so weird not being able to just pull into the driveway and go in the house. That house was a second home to me...I had been going to that house since I was born! Seeing the house brought up all of those childhood memories, and it's just sad that that era of my life is over. No more grandparents, no more grandparent's house.

Even so, what's left of the family still got together and we enjoyed ourselves. I ate a ton, and thankfully me and the cousins went on a 2 mile walk afterwards to aide in digestion and to torch some calories! It was kind of scary, though, because my aunt basically lives out in the woods in the mountains (where there are bears and other critters), and while we were walking, it got dark on us. And it was foggy. And there were unleashed dogs that would bark and growl at us. Some actually started chasing us, but they stopped when we turned around and went the other way. Of course, once we made it back to the house and were walking up the dark driveway, one of the cousins jumped out of the bushes at us, making me scream like a banshee.

12:48 a.m. - Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010


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