Warm Weather

Sooo, it's really hot in here right now. It was actually a pretty warm day outside today! SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! The green grass is starting to grow back and trees and flowers are blossoming! I LOVE the warm weather and sunshine! Winter SUCKS!

OK, GET THIS. Next year I'm going to be a senior in high school, right? Yeah, well one of the perks of being a senior is that you can have more than one study hall a semester. So, for next year, I just signed up for my six core classes (language 4 AP, government AP, economics Honors, algebra III ADV, human anatomy ADV, spanish III and latin III) and so I had room for 2 study halls each semester. For seniors, the guidance people try to schedule them so they are at the end or beginning of the day. See, seniors aren't required to go to study halls. For example, if I had one in the morning first block, I could skip first block and SLEEP! Also, if I had one at the end of the day, I could leave after 3rd period. So GET THIS. I have a little sister who's going to be a sophmore next year and she can't drive yet. So, since I'm going to be skipping my study halls in the morning, she won't have a ride to school, since I drive us both. Well, the logical thing is for her to ride the bus. Hey, I had to ride it for 5 years! From 6th grade to 10th grade! However, my mom thinks that is unacceptable to make my poor little sister ride the bus (when she's only had ride the bus 3 years-from 6th to 8th grade-yeah, she's NEVER going to have to ride the bus her high school career, like I did for 2 years!). My mom thinks I should wake up in the morning and fight the traffic to school and drop her off and then come back and sleep all I want. Ugh, she just doesn't understand it wouldn't be the same! If I had to go drive my sister to school and then come back home and try to fall asleep again, I wouldn't be able to sleep bcecause I would be awake from having to be alert for driving. By the time I actually got home, I wouldn't hardly have any time to sleep before I had to get up and start getting ready to go to school for 2nd block anyway. My mom is trying to strip me of my senior privileges! I will not have it! She said I was being selfish by not wanting to take my sister to school and making her ride the bus. DO YOU see the unfairness?? Here, I'll make a chart.

The Little Sister

1. Number of years riding the bus total: 3 (6th to 8th grade)

2. Number of years riding the bus to high school: 0 (her older sister, ME, drives her!)

3. Number of years will have to ride the bus to high school: 0 (I drive us both now (her freshman year) and according to my mom, I'll drive her next year (her sophmore) too. Then, she'll be able to drive herself her junior and senior year like me! So she will have NEVER had to ride the bus in high school!)

4. Will enjoy senior privileges? yes, because by then she'll be driving herself to high school and will be able to skip first block study halls if she wants to. Unlike me, she won't have any younger sister to take to school!


1. Number of years riding the bus total: 5 (6th-10th grade)

2. Number of years riding the bus to high school: 2

3. Number of years had to ride the bus to high school: 2

4. Will enjoy senior privileges? no, because mom will force me to get up in the morning and take little sister to school when I should have the right to skip first block study hall and sleep in because of senior privileges.

So, after 14 years of hard schooling (counting preschool and kindergarten), my last and final year of high school, I get NO PERKS. Yipee! It's going to be a great year! Not.

11:16 p.m. - March 01, 2006


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