Class Rings #2

We got our class rings on Thursday. The ring people were at my school from 10am-2pm, so I went during lunch to get my ring. They gave me my ring in this little velvet box, and I walked away all excited! I opened my box, and I was surprised because my ring looked so small! Not as in the size, but just the ring itself.

When I was first ordering my ring, I was debating between the traditional ring style (which is bigger) or the style that I got (which is smaller). So, I was like, gee this looks really small, especially on my fat hand! But anyway, I examined my ring, and I was like, WHAT IS THIS?? My school mascot is definitely NOT a bulldog, but there was a bulldog on my ring! I mean, it was obviously a bulldog because it had a spiked collar and everything. I was like, nooo!

I took it back to the ring people, and they said that several people had actually had the same problem. Some people got bulldogs and some even got horses. It had something to do with the codes being really similar or something.

SO, while I was standing there talking to the guy who was fixing my paperwork for the ring, I told him to change it to the other ring style that is bigger. I can change my ring anyway I want since they messed up. After that, I started thinking hard about anything else I wanted to change about my ring. I got the traditional antique look, even though I don't really like it. All of my jewelry is silver, and this ring has that darker look to it, and it has a dark green stone to go with the school colors. It just looks really dark in general. Other people got the antique look, but a light stone, and that looks okay, but mine doesn't!

So, I'm thinking about also getting it changed to the natural finish. I'm also changing the stone from the traditional stone to the starburst facet. Basically, I'm getting a completely different ring from the one I actually ordered.

I'm kinda glad they messed up on my ring so I could change it because really, this ring style is too small for me. It's for those girls who have dinky ring sizes like 5's and stuff.

BUT HERE'S THE DOWNSIDE: it's going to take 6-8 weeks to get my new ring made! :( I felt sad seeing everyone prance around showing off their new rings to everyone while my bulldog ring sat in my purse. Since I felt left out, I put on the bulldog ring anyway!

6:03 p.m. - December 09, 2005


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