I'm ridiculous!

So, I just bit off all my nails. Dang it, I had them all grown out and they looked NICE.

Speaking of stuff to do with hands, class rings are coming in on Thursday!! Yay, I can't wait to get mine! My mom is like, "now that's a $215 ring (expensive, I know), don't you dare lose it!". Of course I'm not going to lose it! I'm going to be extra careful. My mom is worried about me losing a $200 class ring while a family friend of ours has a $25,000 engagement ring! Imagine having $25,000 ON YOUR HAND! Yaaa!

Youfoundme was talking about how she doesn't put much effort into school, but she wants to start trying. That made me think of myself because I really don't try at all, yet I have a 4.6 GPA. I'm so slack or something, because just imagine if I actually tried! I could have a 5.0 GPA since I have AP classes! A 5.0 can be done. Our junior class president is insanely smart and his GPA is a 5.4 or something. I don't see how that boy has a 5.4 GPA because he's involved in about a million clubs at school (like student council and stuff), as well as soccer, AND he has a job! I could never do that. Ever. I'm just not motivated or something. I don't know what WOULD motivate me though...Another thing is is that I'm the worst procrastinator in the world! And for some reason, I cannot resist whenever I get the chance to go out somewhere. I can never say "well, actually, I really need to stay home and do homework and study". No matter what my workload is, if I get an offer to go out to eat or something, I go! For example, for U.S. history I had to do these identification things for vocabulary and there were like, over 50 i.d.s. My teacher gave us the list of i.d.s a LONG time ago and told us they were due December 2nd. Did I start on it early? NO. I waited until the night of December 1st! I was like, ok, I've GOT to go home and start on these i.d.s right after school or there's no way I'm going to get done. BUT THEN my mom's best friend called and wanted to go out to eat. Did I say, "no, I really can't go because I've got a ton of homework to do"? NO. I was like, yay okay! So then, we get home at like, 8:00 and all of a sudden I get really bad cramps from that time of the month. Did I suck it up and start on my i.d.s because it was getting late and I had a lot to do? NO. I actually went and turned off all the lights in my room, got into bed, and fell asleep until 9:04. So, at 9:04 pm the night before all my work was due, I finally started my work! It took me from 9:04 pm until 2:30 am to get those things finished. Then I had Spanish homework, I had to read in the Scarlet Letter for language, and I had to study for a quiz in Latin. Even though I procrastinate so horribly, SOMEHOW I always manage to get by. Really, it amazes me how I always get by like this! I mean, I haven't really done anything this year and I've gotten all A's except for 2 high B's. I need to actually start trying here because this is getting ridiculous! Just ridiculous!

10:49 p.m. - December 02, 2005


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