Woohoo, money!

Well, I've gotten my sickness under control now. Now I'm just down to coughing a lot. We stopped at CVS and they had FREE COUGH DROPS at the register. I wanted to take the whole box, but that wouldn't have been too nice. But I did take a handful of them. Maybe with these cough drops a million people at school won't ask me if I'm okay because I sound like I'm coughing up a bloody lung! My birthday is on Thursday! I can't believe it's going to be my birthday...I mean, I was just going along and all of a sudden my birthday is a few days away! I can't believe I'll be 17 either...eee! HAHA, while visiting family out of town, I *unfortunately* had to be around my creepy uncle. But, good did come out of it! However, my aunt made me feel SO uncomfortable! Okay, my uncle is creepy enough by himself, but my aunt was like "if you come over here and whisper something sweet into your uncle's ear, he'll give you something" (referring to my birthday present). Now why did she say that? Ewww! I would never "whisper something sweet" in his ear! I bet he really wanted me to whisper something sweet in his ear because he's nasty like that, and I'm being totally serious! But anyway, he accidentally gave me $40! He only meant to give me $20 because you know, that's the standard birthday amount. My mom figures he had just gone to the bank because they were crisp $20 bills, and you know how fresh money like that loves to stick together. Those ATMs have to pack the money in there, so when you get your money, sometimes it sticks together, like in this case! Well, if my uncle hadn't been so busy being creepy, he might of saved $20! I know $40 isn't a lot, but it is to me, and it was especially a lot to my uncle because he is SO stingy! Just as a little reflection, back in the day when my dad was alive, my uncle was drunk and he gave my dad $100! Haha!

11:32 p.m. - October 30, 2005


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