I went to Carowinds yesterday! It was really fun except it was like an oven outside! Plus the rides were rougher than I remember...some of them made me feel like my brain was bleeding. Oh well, it was still oodles of fun! And me, my mom, and my little sister got season passes! The season pass allows us to go anytime the rest of 05 and the 06 season! I know this is annoying to hear about, but I'm still freaking out over here about my summer reading!!! I haven't really progressed at all! What's wrong with me?? 11th grade is possibly one of the toughest of your high school career and I'm already starting it out wrong by not doing my summer work in time! AND, I found out the other day that I have Humanities English 3 AP and U.S. History and Constitutions AP with this girl that is ALWAYS asking me to go to her youth group! She's a really nice girl and all, but I've been to her youth group before and I really didn't like it. I was really uncomfortable. But yet she keeps hounding me! It's like, I never show up when you ask me to come, so take the hint! Geez! I just know that I'm going to get a load of people I don't like in my classes this year. Today for lunch my older sister came over and we all went out to McCallister's. Somehow we got to talking about being shy. My older sister is really shy (but not around us-around us she's really outgoing and stuff!) and she was talking about how it sucked being shy at school because then people would think you're really smart and nice and the teachers pick on you for being so quiet. For example, she said she won an "award" in band once for being "quiet as a mouse". And she said another time she was out in the hall before class talking to her friend, and one of her teachers happened to be going by and said "SHE TALKS!" really loudly. Me and my little sister can SO relate because that's the way we are! So, we came to the conclusion that we got the shy gene from mom. Grr! My mom said that my dad could talk to anyone and knew no strangers. Too bad I'm not like that!

9:19 p.m. - August 04, 2005


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