Clean Cars

So, the friend I've known forever spent the night last night. We actually had a pretty good day today! Me and her wanted to get out of the house, so we decided to take a field trip to CVS. We had to take my car because the tags on my mom's car expired yesterday. Let me tell you, it was weird driving around in my car (who's name is Sparkles)! I know that sounds bizzare, but I usually drive my mom's car because it has the better sound system. But, driving Sparkles was actually pretty fun! I feel bad for Sparkles because it's been sitting there for a while. But, when school starts up again, Sparkles will get plenty of exercise. Tomorrow after I go to school (luckily, only for a very bried period) to get registered, then we're going to the Chevrolet place to get more keys made for my mom's car because we only have 1 key and the plastic thing broke on it so you can't hook it to a key ring. Then the friend I've known forever is going to come over with her mom's van and we're going to have a "cleaning vehicles" party. Since she got her license, she's going to drive to school, so she wants the van to be clean. We're going to vaccumm, go through the car wash, wax, wipe down the interior, and clean the windows with this special "automotive glass" cleaner! What fun! Cleaning cars doesn't sound like a cup of tea or whatever to everyone, but I do want Sparkles to be spick and span when I go back to school. I've been thinking about getting a Spongebob steering wheel cover. My car kinda has a nautical theme going on. I've got a lai wrapped around the mirror and a Gary air freshener. Maybe my mom will let me get it!!

11:48 p.m. - August 01, 2005


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