The Dress

I DO NOT want to go to school tomorrow. At least Friday is a student holiday and then Monday is Martin Luther King Day. YAY! FOUR DAY WEEKENED! WOO!

Remember how I said this boy asked me to our school's military ball? Yeah, well I told some people about it, and they laughed at me and told me that I should go with him and then ditch him when I get to the ball. I thought that was really mean! I'll admit, I became really shallow and was worried what people would say or think if I went to the military ball with this guy because like I said, he's not the coolest thing in the world. I mean, he's really nice, but...

Anyways, the next day at school in the morning before the bell rang, I told him I wouldn't be able to go with him to the military ball, and his look of disappointment was SO SAD. I immediately felt really bad, and it even made me feel bad all day.

After school, I was with my mom in the grocery store and I told her about how I had told him no, and she was like "that is so sad. Aww, that just ruined my day!". That made me feel even worse, and I started thinking that I had made a mistake. I really got to thinking about it, and I was like-you know, if I don't go to this ball, I am going to look back when I am older and regret it. It doesn't matter what these dumb high schoolers might say or think because pretty soon we'll all be going our separate ways to college, getting jobs, getting married, and having our own families, and no one will care (or remember) that I went to a military ball with this boy in high school.

So, I decided to go, and I was going to call him when I got home to let him know. We got home and were coming in the door with all the groceries when HE called ME (he's very persistent, never gives up). I told him I could go, if he hadn't already asked someone else (which he hadn't) so I'm now going to the military ball! AND I've already gotten my dress!

When he first asked me to go with him back during Christmas break, me and my friend went looking for dresses for her prom with my mom at Dillard's. Since we were looking at dresses, I was like, well, why don't I look for a dress to go to the military ball? Just for fun in case I do decide to go? I started getting upset looking at dresses because all of the dresses were too small for me, while my friend had a pile of pretty dresses to try on. My mom saw I was getting frustrated, so she went and picked some dresses out for me. I started trying on all these dresses (which were too small) and got to REALLY feeling bad while my friend tried on dress after dress and modeled them for my mom, and they all looked good on her. I hadn't been out of my dressing room even once to model a dress because none of them fit or looked good! I was kind of teary eyed when I got down to the last dress, which I said I wouldn't like when I first saw it. I tried it on anyway, and the zipper wouldn't quite zip, but other than that, it looked okay. I went out to show my mom, and she was like, "oh, Ashley!".

The dress is blue with an empire waist (to hide the gut) with a beaded bodice and a black lace beaded overlay. TOO BAD IT WASN'T ON SALE AND DIDN'T QUITE FIT. The dress was $150.00 and kind of snug and it also had some beading missing, so I had to put it back. :(

We looked at a million other places over the next few days, and then just this past Saturday, we went back to Dillard's because they were having a 1/2 off sale. When we got there, I immediately started looking for that dress because I had become oddly attached to it. TOO BAD IT WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. We searched in all of the departments and could not find that darn dress! I started feeling sad because that was THE dress because it looked nice on me (my mom figured if I lost 10 pounds by the ball, it would zip) and it would have matched my date's navy blue uniform.

I went back to look at these particular racks in a last ditch effort, and was disappointed, but then my friend came around the corner and said, "Ashley, I've got great news. We've found your dress you tried on, and we've also found the same dress one size bigger without beads missing!". That was the BEST news! I tried on the bigger dress, and it fits just right! My friend is going to lend me her elbow-length black satin gloves to wear with it to make it really look GRAND!

12:00 a.m. - January 09, 2006


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