My back really hurts. I trimmed the bushes today. My mom was acting all pitiful because me and my sister were lazing around and she (for some reason) REALLY wanted to do yard work. My mom acted like she was going to go out and huff and puff in the hot sun trying to mow the grass herself. I thought it was really sad because my mommy looked really cute in her little Skecher shoes. So my sister and I dragged ourselves out of the house in the bajillion degree weather. My sister mowed the grass, I trimmed the bushes, and my mom raked up this big pile of ugly dead leaves that has been sitting at the top of the driveway since forever. Since we all worked up a sweat in the hot sun, we took showers and then went to the pool! Man, that water felt so good! My mom's friend and her daughter I have known since forever came with too. My friend was pretending she was a "grown up" and hanging out with our moms rather than with me and my sister. She does that all the time. She always thinks she's way more mature and stuff. She actually used my computer to do "homework" so I looked at the history thing on the internet and it showed me that she checked her e-mail and browsed around on myspace.com. I actually found her myspace and she said some not so nice things about her mom! She was like cussing up and down (which she never does in person) so I was like, whoa! She always acts like she's the best person ever. Like she's the smartest, the prettiest, the most Christian, the most moral, etc. She really isn't a friend to me. Hey, come to think of it, I really don't have any "true" friends. Well, except for Brittany. She's my only real friend. Other than that, it's just my mom and my sister. I do have three sisters, but the other two...well, at least I've got my mom and my little sister. They are my favoritest people and I love them sooo much. Dang it, it's hot in here!

12:03 a.m. - August 29, 2005


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