Final Goodbye & Droopy Eyelids

Nick's elbow is healing nicely, he now only has to wear a large band-aid on it (no more wrapping). I am worried, though, because the swelling in his armpit lymph node has not gone away and in fact, it seems to be slowly getting larger. Just yesterday, it started looking red. It's not (yet) hot to the touch. I'm afraid this dang lump is going to go the way of the one on his elbow and he'll have to have surgery to make it go away. Can you imagine an incision in your armpit?? That sounds like a very uncomfortable spot. He won't be able to work again for who knows how long. What a disaster. I just want whatever this is to GO AWAY.

Anyways. I'm driving back to my hometown tonight because my mom, my sisters, and I want to take one last family pic outside the old family home before it is sold on Friday. We couldn't do it tomorrow because my mom is having eyelid surgery and will have 2 black eyes for a while. She's been wanting this surgery for years but has been denied every time until this year. Basically, she has excess eyelid skin that weighs down on her eyes and limits her field of vision. They did a "visual field" test where they tested her vision as is and then they tested her vision with her eyelids taped back. Her vision increased by 30% with her eyelids taped back! My poor mom lol. I'm sure I'll have the same problem when I'm older. I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow as well so I can take my mom to and from her surgery. It'll be a short and sweet trip, but I'm glad I'll be there to help. I also didn't want to miss out on the final goodbye of our former family home.

12:19 p.m. - Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2021


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