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Change of Address

It actually happened! Last Friday (3/12), movers came and loaded up all the furniture and tons of boxes at my mom's old house and took it to her new house. She's officially moved! I spent the night with her in the new house on Friday and Saturday. It was not strange at all to sleep in a different house and in fact, the new house feels cozy and like a home already. This house was meant to be my mom's!

What I didn't anticipate was how much still would STILL be left at the old house even after the movers filled an entire truck with stuff. It took 13 additional car loads, but by Wednesday (3/17), the old house was completely empty. It hasn't been empty like that since 1984! It was a little sad to see our beloved family home completely empty like that, but I'm just so excited and happy for my mom and her new house. It's a new chapter!

Even though the new house still has quite a bit of stuff to unpack and organize, we are going to hold Amber's 30th birthday party there this weekend. The living room and dining room are clear and functional, so it'll work. My mom's new kitchen is huge, so there was plenty of space in the back of the kitchen to pile up the remaining boxes and they're not in the way.

I'm looking forward to celebrating our first event in the new house. New house, new memories!

3:15 p.m. - Friday, Mar. 19, 2021


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