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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

So, there was a bit of a setback with selling my mom's house. The inspectors came with the buyer's realtor (who happens to be the buyer's stepmom) and spent hours inspecting my mom's house. Well, the inspection turned up so many costly problems that the buyer backed out. Ouch.

What's even more infuriating is that many of the problems the inspectors found my mom thought she had already fixed! In the last few years, my mom has spent thousands having various things fixed. Just a year ago, she spend almost $8,000 having various foundation work done, but the inspectors found things that still were not done correctly. Same with the ductwork under the house and some other things. My mom thought she had finally gotten her house fixed to the point of being able to sell it and it turns out these companies took her money and did not fix things properly.

The biggest problem of all, though, was not one she thought she had fixed, it was something she didn't even know was a problem. Apparently, her fireplace is totally rotted through and on the verge of completely collapsing into the crawlspace below. When she gave the foundation people $8,000 last year, they made no mention of the fireplace being an issue.

All this news stressed my mom out pretty bad and she was worried this would mean thousands upon thousands to fix, resulting in her actually losing money if she did end up selling it. She was even talking about trying to get out of the contract for the new house she bought. Amber and I told her no way, she IS moving to that new house, one way or another.

Luckily, my mom's realtor is amazing and so helpful. He has a team of guys that know how to fix things and he showed them the inspection report on my mom's house. They're going to fix all the major things (fireplace, bathroom floor, some other things) for $4,000. It still sucks that she has to spend that amount of money, but my mom did just get her tax return, so that'll just about cover the repairs. The timing is lucky on that, I guess.

Her realtor also got right on setting up more showings of her house once the first contract fell through. He assured my mom that contracts on houses fall through all the time and that another offer would come along. Sure enough, my mom got another offer almost immediately and that's despite the house being sort of a wreck after me and my sisters spent hours the previous weekend packing things up into boxes. When we were packing, we thought the house was sold and didn't know it would be viewed by more people in the near future!

The new buyers are a young couple and they are aware that current issues are being repaired. I hope this contract doesn't fall through and that the sale goes through.

By the way, they moved up my mom's closing date on her new house to this Friday, 3/12. We thought it would be next Friday, 3/19! I'm going to go down this weekend to help start moving some of the smaller things and we're going to save all the furniture and heavy boxes for movers.

I'll be glad when this whole ordeal is over. My mom sure has been stressed out trying to get rid of her house and I'm looking forward to the day when she's all moved into her cute, new house and she has no scary, expensive repairs looming over her. She deserves that!

2:35 p.m. - Monday, Mar. 08, 2021


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