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2021 is turning out to be a pretty good year so far.

My mom's house has sold! She's wanted to sell her house for years, but it has never worked out. The timing is just right. I can't believe that in just the last 2 weeks, my mom has bought a house and sold a house. It has all happened so fast! The person who bought the house is a young man. I just hope nothing major comes up during the inspection/appraisal process.

It hasn't fully sunk in that we will no longer have my childhood home. It's definitely for the best, but we will all miss that house. It probably will be hard to see the house empty and close the door for the final time. But - it's time for a change. My mom will be so much happier in this new house that she won't have to spend thousands of dollars to fix up and she won't have a huge flight of stairs to climb every night with her arthritic knees. I can tell she is excited at the prospect of having a new home to decorate. She loves decorating. As time goes by, we will come to see this new house as our family home and become attached to it. It's very cute, after all! I do have a touch of sadness realizing that this is the last house my mom will ever buy and the house she will be living in when she...when she passes. It's also a house she bought on her own, knowing she will live in it alone. She raised an entire family in the old house. My sister and I completely grew up there and that's where her marriage to my dad began and ended (he died in 1997). This new house will be just hers for her golden years. It's also sad to realize she'll never have a paid-for house. She took out a 30-year loan, so unless she lives to be 100+, she will always have a house payment. I've tried winning the lottery so I can buy it for her, but so far, that hasn't worked lol.

Another thing 2021 will most likely bring is my sister Amber getting pregnant. She was unsure about when to get pregnant due to the pandemic, but she's finally decided that she and her husband will start trying this summer. I bet she'll be surprised and she'll get pregnant right away! So it'll be fun watching her adjust to that and planning for my first niece or nephew in 2022. (I technically do have an 18-year-old nephew from my oldest half-sister, but I am not close to either of them, unfortunately).

I wonder what other fun things 2021 has in store!

9:56 a.m. - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021


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