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The Morrison

Whyyy am I at work on President's Day?? We usually get this holiday off, but not this year. In fact, we won't have a single day off until our spring break the first week of April. Ughhh.

Nick and I went furniture shopping this weekend since we are in desperate need of a new couch and loveseat. The set we have now was my mom's and she gave it to us when we bought our house and bought herself a new set. It is old and sagging and the frame on the couch is actually broken in one place (I may have thrown my big body down onto it with too much force one time...oops). Since the frame is broken in my spot, I had to put all these pillows under the couch cushion to keep me from sinking into a hole. Even with extra padding, it's still uncomfortable and hurts my back.

We went to 4 different stores - Rooms to Go, Ashley Furniture, Haverty's, and Lazy Boy. We were looking for a set that is soft and cushy, with plush arms. Apparently, that is not what is in style because most couches we saw were stiff with unpadded arms. A lot of them had scratchy material, too. Who wants to sit on that??

We found ONE set (out of 4 stores) that we liked. This one was "The Morrison" at Lazy Boy. Cushy with big, fat plush arms. The color was also perfect - a dark gray that will match our current decor. We dropped $2800 (President's Day "sale") and it will be delivered on Saturday.

Well, that was my exciting weekend. Still no takers on my mom's house. There's a house identical to my mom's in her neighborhood that sold just last year, but it had been completely renovated on the inside. New luxury vinyl plank flooring and carpet, granite countertops, fresh neutral paint job, both bathrooms remodeled, etc. They also walled in that cut out in the master bedroom (added privacy) and walled off the small room off the kitchen (where our laundry room is), billing it as a "bedroom" (it's soo small...like 8 x 10), so they were able to list it as a 3 bedroom home. Sigh. If that's what it takes to sell, my mom might be out of luck. She estimates she's already put $50,000 in repairs/updates into the house over the years. She doesn't have the money now to completely update everything like the other houses that are selling right now. Although I still think if that disgusting dog pee house can sell, hers has a chance. Right?!

3:12 p.m. - Monday, Feb. 15, 2021


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