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Day One

Yesterday was Nick's first day at his new job, but it was pretty low key. He just had to go pick up a company laptop and then go home and join two virtual orientations later that afternoon. While I am now a pro at virtual meetings (I basically live on Zoom for my job), Nick doesn't have much experience with it. He did have a couple of interviews last year that we virtual. Just to make sure everything would go well, I arranged a practice meeting with him on Microsoft Teams. He was able to successfully join the meeting and he even learned to share his screen. We got his work email bookmarked for easy access. He's never had a work email before! All of this is new territory for him. The virtual orientations went well - they weren't geared towards him and his role specifically, but were more broadly about the company, benefits, etc.

Today is his first day actually on-site at his new job. He works for a tire company as an Inspector. What that means and what that entails, I have no idea. He called me on his lunch break to say that everything was going well so far. The guy he is shadowing is nice and patient. His manager also noted that things will take time for him to learn, "maybe even 2 months". The vibe Nick got is there's definitely not a rush or pressure to learn as fast as possible with some quota to meet. That's what he did NOT like about working in distribution. He does take longer to learn sometimes (especially now with all this new computer stuff), so I'm glad it seems he will have time to get the hang of everything without someone breathing down his neck and telling him he's not learning fast enough.

I really hope this job works out and turns into a career for him because this company is really great. Their hiring process was very thorough, so they aren't just hiring any person off the street. I also just reviewed their benefits that are offered (medical, dental, vision, etc.), and not only is it very affordable, but the company also provides a lot of the benefits for free, such as basic life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, short term disability, long term disability, and an employee assistance program. Wow! I have many of those benefits as well, but I have to pay for them myself! Sigh, I'm just ready for his job and career to be settled. This could be it for him and I hope it is!

Today was also Ollie's first day being home alone for most of the day. Nick had been home with him every single day since he was 8 weeks old and now he's nearing 7 months old. I'm looking forward to hugging and squeezing our little orange kitty!

3:31 p.m. - Tuesday, Feb. 02, 2021


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