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Nick's Positives

I feel the need to highlight Nick's positives and strengths as it may seem like all I do is complain and point out the negative things about him, so here we go:

-He makes my coffee for me every night so all I have to do is press the button on the coffee maker in the morning.

-When he had a job and used to get up with me in the mornings, he made our breakfast while I blearily stood there waiting for the coffee to be done brewing (I've had to learn how to flip my own egg - I can scramble but struggle with flipping).

-He helps immensely with taking care of our cat, Ollie. He does the litter box and takes him to the vet (I've only cleaned the litter box once).

-Since he's been unemployed for 10 months, he has pretty much taken over all household chores. He washes dishes, unloads the dishwasher, does the laundry (even puts away my clothes), and vacuums occasionally. He has always taken out the recycling and trash.

-He is very forgiving. Many people (including me) have treated him wrong but he always forgives and forgets. He is not the type to hold onto past wrongs.

-He is very sweet and affectionate towards me. The way he acts, you might think we are still in the early stages of dating rating than married for almost 4 years. He gives me a lot of hugs and kisses every day (and back scratches if I ask).

-He truly loves my body and the way it is. He does not mind that I'm a fuller figured woman (in fact, he prefers it). I have never felt that he is not attracted to me because of my size.

-He works hard. The last 2 jobs he had may not have worked out, but he has always worked hard and tried his best. While anyone else may have enjoyed a 10 month break from working, he would much rather have a job, be working, and feel proud and productive.

So see, it is not all bad with him. I'm sure after I've posted all this sappy stuff he'll piss me off when I get home LOL

2:50 p.m. - Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021


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