Impeached (x2)

Well, Trump has gotten himself impeached for a 2nd time due to inciting the deadly riot at the Capitol last week. I cannot wait for him to no longer be our President. I definitely never voted for him! Even though Joe Biden is about to become our President in less than a week, I fear Trump's influence is going to be around for a long time. People are literally insane over him. They truly believe everything he says and believe the election was stolen from their beloved leader. Even though Biden ultimately won (with 81 million votes), 74 MILLION people still voted for Trump. That is scary to me. I just don't understand it. He literally hasn't delivered on anything he said he'd do. Remember that wall Mexico was going to pay for? Oh yeah, our tax dollars are paying for it. He completely bungled the response to the coronavirus and as of this moment, 389,000 Americans have died. He won't denounce white supremacy (because they're his BFFs). The list goes on! He's also just a horrible person. How anyone could still support him after all of this is beyond me. I have a friend from high school that is a huge Trump supporter. We're no longer friends in real life but are friends on Facebook. She shared a post recently about how Trump was re-elected in a "landslide victory" and will serve 4 more years. It urged people to listen carefully to Trump and to gather essential supplies because "days of darkness are upon us. Prepare quickly." What total BS! Ugh. Disgusting.

My sister Amber has decided to wait a year before trying to get pregnant. She's worried about the covid-19 vaccine and its effects on pregnancy, so she's decided to wait to give the vaccine time to do its thing. Hopefully, the world will be in a better place this time next year. She's also got a pretty stressful workload this year, so adding a pregnancy would be a lot. She's hoping to get her work situation changed for next year.

I met a 9th grade student this week with a tragic story. She's 14 years old and she moved here from New Mexico last year. She shared that she was sexually assaulted at age 8 by her stepsister and half brother. She kept it to herself until she finally told someone at age 12. What's even worse is her mom took the half brother's side, so she made the decision to move here and get away from her mother and brother (and several other siblings). She now lives here with her dad and a different half brother. Since her assault, she has become anxious, depressed, sexually promiscuous, and she has developed an eating disorder. She's currently 5 feet tall and weighs 92 lbs. I could see her ribs from across the room through a thick sweater when she stretched. She used to self-harm, but she's 8 months clean from that. She knows she needs help and asked for it, so we are getting her set up with the mental health counselor. She also shared that her dad doesn't keep much food in the house at home. They do eat dinner every night, but she said it's usually a hamburger helper and she prefers things like oatmeal and vegetable soup. Even though she restricts her eating (only 1 meal a day), there should at least be things available for her at home! She also doesn't drink water at home because they have well water and she doesn't like it. I actually went out and bought her a box of oatmeal to take home and a 24 pack of bottled water so that she can come to my office and get water any time she needs. The school also arranged a bag of food for her to take home as well. I also gave her a self-esteem workbook for teens that has different prompts and activities in it surrounding a whole host of issues (sexual abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression are covered in it), so I hope that helps. Some kids have just been through too much. It's heartbreaking. At least this student wants help and is aware of where her issues stem from. She was pretty mature and insightful for a 14 year old. I hope she gets better. She's the age I was when I started this diary. Wild.

9:45 a.m. - Friday, Jan. 15, 2021


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