New Year, New Job (FINALLY)

NICK FINALLY GOT A JOBBBBBBB!!!! I can't even believe I'm typing that because it really felt like he'd never have another job again! He actually applied to 2 jobs with this particular company. The first time, the job was given to a former employee, unfortunately. The second time, he interviewed for a job that was actually a step up from the first job. He interviewed for that position just before Thanksgiving. We truly had almost given up on them because it had been well over a month since his interview and we hadn't heard anything. I told him to just email them one last time to check on the status of the job so we could cross them off our list and move on. Nick emailed the guy he interviewed with and the guy actually called him and basically told him that HR would be calling that week with an offer. We couldn't believe it! Even though the guy said an offer was coming, I didn't let myself get too excited until it was official. Things come up, you know? But the guy was right, the HR lady called Friday afternoon and officially offered him the job. This job is truly the best Nick could have hoped's in town (just 15 minutes away), the hours are Monday-Friday like he wanted, and the pay...the pay is $20/hour, much more than he's ever earned anywhere. We couldn't believe that is the starting pay. He will also get health insurance and benefits starting day 1 (some companies have a 6 month waiting period), they offer a 6% 401k match, and he will get 17 paid days off per year. Even I only get 13 days of sick leave per year working with the schools! This job truly is a great opportunity. Nick is noticeably in a better mood now that the weight of unemployment has been lifted off of his (our) shoulders. He starts on February 1st.

I just hope he will be able to do the job well...we only have a vague idea of what exactly all of his duties will be, but we do know it involves taking stock of inventory and logging it into a computer system on a laptop. I'm sure there's much more to it than that, obviously, but he has only very basic computer skills and has never had to use a computer as part of a job before. I just worry because his last 2 jobs last year did not go well...he was told at both that he was not performing to expectations and was let go. He worked at the first job from January 2020 to the beginning of April 2020. The second job he literally only worked for a week at the end of April 2020 and they fired him for not learning their process fast enough. Both jobs, ultimately, just weren't a fit for him. Some jobs aren't for everybody. He held a job at the same place for 6 years before the two failed jobs last year. The two failed jobs last year just make me worry that there's a pattern of him taking too long to learn new things. What's even worse is that he interviews so well - he really impresses people and they have high expectations of him, but then he fails to perform in his actual role. I just really hope that doesn't happen again. There is definitely pressure with this new job because of the increased responsibilities, pay, etc. I hope this will be a good job for him and will lead to a good, stable career for him. If this doesn't work out, I'm not really sure what he's supposed to do. Basic warehouse work/forklift driver, I guess?

Of course, this job has very similar hours to my job, and Nick may even beat me home in the afternoons. I had really hoped his next job would have later hours to give me just a little time alone in the house after work, but trust me, I am very thankful he got this job. I would much rather he be working than sitting at home 24/7. I have also reminded myself that he will now be working at times when I am not (spring break, summer) due to my public education job. So, I will get some time to myself after all.

What else? My sister, Amber, is waffling about getting the covid-19 vaccine because she's planning on getting pregnant later this year. True, we don't really know what the long term effects will be on anyone, let alone anywho is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. I will probably get the vaccine. I'm not having kids, so nothing to worry about for me.

My 6-week walking challenge game (StepBet) started today. I have to walk 7300 steps 4 days per week ("Active" days) and 9400 steps 2 days per week ("Power" days). I get one day where I don't have to log any steps. This week is the warm-up week, so I won't be disqualified if I don't meet my goals. I did one lap around my school earlier, going down all the various hallways up and downstairs, and that put me at almost 3300 steps. If I do 2 laps around the whole school, that should be enough for me to meet the goal of 7300 steps. I will say, this will be a challenge for sure! My shins were hurting as I did the first lap earlier. I don't know if it's because I'm not wearing proper walking shoes or what...I did one lap around the school all last week with no issues, so I'm not sure. The game claims to have developed my walking goals based on my own personal step history in my phone's Health app, but these goals still seem a little high to me! If I meet my weekly goals for the next 6 weeks, I will split a pot of prize money with other players in the game that also met their goals for all 6 weeks (we all put in a $40 "bet"). I'm going to try my best to win so I can earn a little money! The thought of earning money is a fun, motivating way to get me walking more, which is my New Year's resolution.

8:53 a.m. - Monday, Jan. 11, 2021


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