December Birthdays

My cute little orange kitty, Ollie, is at the vet today getting neutered. Nick had to drop him off at the vet at 7:30 this morning, and I must say, I may have teared up a little after they left. I know neutering is a very common surgery and relatively easy for male kittens, but I still felt sad to see him go. He was probably scared at the vet with strangers and other animals around! I hope he doesn't think we abandoned him. Nick will be picking him back up soon at 3:30. I can't wait to have him back home where he knows he is loved.

Anyway, since I last wrote, we celebrated both my cousin's and my mom's birthdays. My cousin, JE, came down from NC and it was the first time we have seen him in about a year. We usually never go that long without seeing each other, but he's been flaky lately. There have been a few instances where he said he was coming to visit but then he had some excuse for not coming. Then the virus happened. JE has struggled with his weight all of his life just like me, but he's definitely worse off than me. When I saw him, I could tell he was visibly much bigger than the last time I had seen him and he's also the biggest he's ever been. He recently said that he weighs 374 lbs right now. That's scary! He was pursuing weight loss surgery a few months ago, but he claims he was disqualified because he has epilepsy. I'm not so sure I believe that. I googled weight loss surgery and epilepsy and that doesn't seem to be a disqualifying fact, some articles said weight loss surgery can improve epilepsy. So, I'm not so sure if that's the truth. I just worry about him because my dad (his uncle) died the day after his 35th birthday due to weight-related issues. At one point, my dad had gotten up to over 500 lbs. I don't know what it is about my dad's side of the family, but several people have major weight issues. What's even stranger is that my grandparents didn't have weight issues at all. In fact, my grandmother was extremely thin (like maybe 90 lbs). Weird genetics or something.

For the birthday celebrations, we got fried chicken from our favorite place and ate it at Amber's house with cake and ice cream after. It was really nice to see JE again because he truly is one of the funniest people I know, if not THE funniest. Everything he says is just hilarious and I almost choked on my food several times from laughing. He's not even trying, he's just naturally very funny. I had missed laughing like that. No one else makes me laugh like that. After eating, we all just sat talking for a while. JE is the link to my dad's side of the family, so he was talking about our aunt C, who is apparently addicted to her anxiety medication. Her husband, a Vietnam vet, is also a terrible alcoholic. He had a heart attack last year and literally asked the doctor how soon he could drink again. They told him never again, but he's been drinking hard liquor despite almost dying. What a mess. We also got to talking about our deceased aunt K. That all sounds depressing, but it was nice to reminisce and hear about what's currently going on with everyone else in the family. After being with us all afternoon and evening, JE announced he was actually headed back home that night (next state over, 3 hour drive). I was so disappointed he wasn't staying the weekend and that we wouldn't have more time with him. Until next time!

The next day, we just took it easy. My mom and Amber and I took a walk at a nearby park by a river. That was fun and relaxing. The next day after that, Monday the 7th, was my mom's actual birthday. I took the day off from work so I could spend it with her. She requested a homemade steak dinner, so that's what we did. We grilled ribeyes on the grill and made asparagus and mushrooms and onions to go with it. It was VERY delicious! We all love a good steak. I think my mom enjoyed her birthday and her gifts. I just can't believe she's 69 and will be 70 next year.

11:14 a.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020


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