A Different Thanksgiving

This will definitely be a different Thanksgiving this year. Nick's family decided they aren't doing Thanksgiving at all, which is probably for the best. His grandparents are both 75, so they're being extra cautious because Nick's younger brother C is home from college and his other younger brother L is a bartender at a restaurant, so it definitely might be risky to be around them. Nick is definitely disappointed, but his mom made a reservation for us to have dinner outside at a restaurant during our visit, so we will get to see her and probably his younger sister, K. He and his brother L still aren't talking to each other.

My family is still getting together because we're an extremely small group - it'll be just me and Nick, my mom, my sister Amber and her husband, and my sister Angel. That's it. We've had small gatherings together lately, so we figure we will be alright. We will still do our best to social distance and eat outside if it doesn't rain. If it rains, we will open up the windows in the house.

This year, we've ordered the turkey and various sides from a really good local BBQ place, so I'm hoping that goes well. We'll also be making some of our favorite side dishes (asparagus casserole, pineapple casserole, mashed potatoes, etc.), so we'll have plenty of home-cooked items as well.

I'm really looking forward to being around my easy-going family because Nick has been getting on my nerves lately. Every day I come home from work and there's some problem or misunderstanding with him. I feel like he truly does not understand the words I say. I've gotten frustrated before and asked him, "What did I just say to you?" and he repeats what he *thought* I said and it's completely wrong! And he usually twists what I've said into something negative. I'm just really over him and could definitely use some space from him. I'll enjoy having others to interact with besides him. I'm also hoping he will stay with our cat, Ollie, with my sister at her house and I can stay with my mom and her house (he won't let Ollie stay at my mom's anymore because he got fleas the last time he went there).

We actually did have a fun weekend, though. Nick's best friend, Patrick, and his wife, Sarah, came down for a visit from Maryland. (We went to Patrick and Sarah's wedding in NY back in December 2019). We met up in a town an hour and a half away just for the day and it was a lot of fun. Patrick and Sarah are by far the best couple we know. We all get along and have a good time together. We met up for brunch at a restaurant with outside seating and just sat talking for ages. It was a lot of fun as they're both so easy to talk to. Sarah is a forensic psychologist and Patrick is in the Navy. He actually just recently got a promotion he wanted, but he apparently already hates it because it's boring. Since Patrick is potentially wanting to switch jobs, they're considering moving to Maine. Sarah's family has a vacation house there and they both love it up there. We definitely will go visit them if they move there (once we all have the Covid vaccine, of course).

Sarah and Patrick are currently trying to have a baby ASAP as Sarah is already 35 or 36. Patrick is 32. They actually were pregnant at the beginning of the year but had a miscarriage. When Nick had gotten up from the table to go to the bathroom at the restaurant, I shared with them that Nick doesn't want to have kids. Patrick is convinced he'll change his mind, especially once they have a baby. I told him I thought his other best friend having a baby 4 years ago would have inspired him, but it didn't, so I wasn't so sure about that. Sarah said she has a friend whose husband also doesn't want kids, so her friend has talked herself into not wanting kids herself (kind of like what I've been doing). But then her friend's sister got pregnant and her friend burst into tears because it was something she did really want after all. I wonder if that'll be the case with me once Amber gets pregnant soon...

Anyway, we had a great time walking around Main Street in the town and visiting the beautiful park that's there. It was perfect weather for walking outside. We had a great time with them, as we always do. It was a short visit, but it was definitely worth seeing them since they live so far away. Who knows when we will see them again.

10:23 a.m. - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020


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