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Quarantine Day # ???

After over 5 months at home, I will physically be going back to work on September 1st. I work for a public school district, so I’m filled with anxiety about how we’re going to remain safe once we’re all back around each other. I also have anxiety because I’ve strangely gotten very used to not going anywhere or seeing anybody, so the thought of being around lots of people again is nerve wracking. I’m also now very used to basically never wearing a bra or any clothes that aren’t 100% comfy. Work clothes are NOT comfy. That will be a hard adjustment. Just waking up so early again will be hard! I have not risen any earlier than 8:30 am and I have slept as late as 10:30 am.

My last entry said my weight was my highest at 254. Just today, I weighed in at 259.8 and I have seen the 260s but have come back down out of them (barely). There just has been nothing to do but sit and watch tv with wine! Nick and I were walking there for a while but it just got too hot outside.

Trust me, I’ve enjoyed this time to relax and binge watch shows like The Office and 90 Day Fiancé, but I’m also disappointed in myself. I had 5 months to work on my health and I did the opposite. Ugh I have said all of this before.

In other news, Nick is STILL unemployed! Going on 4 months now. He’s applied to so many jobs and gone to several interviews, but nothing has panned out. The only jobs he seems to be finding offer little pay, have crappy hours, and are 20+ miles away. The extra $600 unemployment assistance he was getting ended this week, so he now gets $270 a week after taxes. Who can live on $270 a week?

While many may love so much time with their spouse, it has been hard for me. Even before he lost his job, I often wished he had a job that worked just a little bit later than mine so I could have a few moments in the house to myself. Instead, the universe puts him at home with me for the duration of the quarantine! I guarantee he will find a job when I go back to work! That’s not to say it has all been bad, it hasn’t. He’s very loving and sweet and shows me so much affection each and every single day. He makes the coffee every day and does many of the chores around the house. He just likes to adhere to schedules and can be rigid with things. He sets a morning alarm each and every day, even though we both aren’t working right now and could, I don’t know, SLEEP IN??! I’m a big believer in sleeping until I wake up, but he fears he will “sleep all day,” so he sets that alarm, every single day, even on weekends! I just really need him to get a job and preferably one that works until 5:00 pm LOL.

What else? Me, my mom, and sisters did end up going to our beach condo at the end of June. We were going to cancel it but we all had quarantined since March and decided it was safe enough for us to be around each other. I think we all just desperately needed a change of scenery! It was definitely a different trip...we didn’t go anywhere like shopping or out to eat like we usually do, but we made the most of it with to go orders and enjoying the beach. We still had a really great time. We were able to socially distance from others on the beach and in the water, so I’m so glad we went after all.

Since the beach trip, I’ve spent some time at my mom’s doing home improvement projects. We replaced all the interior doors in her house (bedrooms, closets, bathrooms) with the help of my sister Amber’s very handy husband. My mom and I painted the doors (9 total) and I installed the new door handles. My mom and I also whitewashed her old brick fireplace and that really brightened up her living room.

While I was at my mom’s for these projects, we took trips to swim at the lake at this new island my sister discovered. After months of being inside sitting in my living room with no where to go, it was so exciting to be outside in the sun and in the water. It really lifted my spirits!

Nick and I are actually going down to visit family this week. His younger brother turns 18 tomorrow and is moving off to college next week, so we’re all celebrating. I was hoping to swim a lot, but that hurricane that just came through is causing a lot of residual rain, so that sucks. I will still enjoy just being somewhere else and being around other people.

That’s all for now! I will try to update more often. I miss this!

10:45 p.m. - Tuesday, Aug. 04, 2020


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