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A lot has happened since my New Year's post...basically, a pandemic has swept across the globe and has changed life as we know it. The coronavirus originated in China just a short bit ago and it has quickly spread across the globe. It's now spreading quickly here in the States, so much so that many states (including my own) have shut down schools, bars, and restaurants to try and contain the spread.

I work for a public school district and we are closed for the next 2 weeks, possibly longer. I'm very thankful that I will still get paid during this time. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't!

People have panicked and wiped out grocery stores of items such as beef in any form, eggs, milk, bread, and toilet paper. I've been able to find all of those things with the exception of toilet paper! I've been to 4 stores over the past 4 days now and the toilet paper aisles are completely empty. We are not totally out of toilet paper yet but are getting low, so much so that Nick has nicked a few rolls from his job. Shit's about to get real up in here, literally!

I'll admit, this past week of "working from home" has been a free for all for me...I've eaten out and drank a good bit of wine every. single. day. I've enjoyed it, but I can't keep this up forever. I recently did a health screening at work and I was nervous about what the numbers might show. However, I'm happy to report that my numbers (cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, diabetes A1C number, etc.) are the best they've been since 2016. 2016 was the last year my numbers were all within the healthy range. A few of my numbers (triglycerides and total cholesterol) are still within the Borderline range, but they're very close to being in the normal range. I still have being (relatively) young on my side. I still need to do better if I want these numbers to keep going down towards the healthy range. My biggest obstacle is my weight, obviously. Me and my cousin, Joneric (who also struggles with the family obesity curse), were talking about the last time we used to weigh under 200 lbs. For him, it was 2012 and for me, it was 2013. I have weighed over 200 lbs for SEVEN years now. I currently weigh the most I've ever weighed - 249 lbs. That's almost 250!!!!! Wtf that's so awful!

My mom has lost a lot of weight this past year (like 30+ lbs) by simply eating a lot less. She eats big salads for lunch and very small portions of whatever for dinner. I need to do that, although I don't really like salads. I wish I did!

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, Nick's new job that we were so excited about has turned out to be a bust. His job was to pull beer orders for retailers and stack them all onto a pallet. These orders would be for places like restaurants and grocery stores, so one order could have 100 items on it. Of course, not every case of beer is the same size, so it has to be stacked a certain way so that it all fits and is sturdy and won't fall over. Well, no matter how hard he tried, Nick just couldn't get the hang of stacking the cases of beer on the pallets. He got told by management every day that his numbers (number of cases he pulls) were too low and that he needed to pick up the pace. Nick is not slow by any means. In fact, he often moves so fast in our own kitchen that he almost runs me over when I'm trying to make dinner. I guess he just doesn't have the spatial perception needed to stack these things quickly and efficiently so that they won't fall. He became very discouraged and made the mistake of telling one of the managers that he's been trying his best but that he was considering looking for another job. Well, the manager went straight to the HR guy and told him that Nick wants to leave. So, they're giving Nick until the beginning of April to find another job or they're letting him go. Yeah, he kind of shot himself in the foot with that one.

He's been applying to tons and tons of jobs but nothing has come up yet. This coronavirus mess has probably slowed things down for a lot of companies. Sigh. So, yeah, it's stressful that Nick is about to be out of a job and has no prospects for another one at the moment. It's moments like these that I wish he had gone to college or had some kind of training in something. He has no degree and really no skills. All he has to his advantage is 6 years of warehouse experience. Anyone can work in a warehouse. Don't get me wrong, he's extremely hardworking and dependable. Any company would be lucky to get him because he always shows up on time and very very rarely takes any days off.

This job situation is another reason why Nick won't be ready to have a baby any time soon. He's not got a stable job situation, so his mind is consumed with that. Not that I'm ready to have a baby either, but it's just yet another reason that now is not the time. I'm just worried because I'm 31 and will be 32 this year. I'm not getting any younger! I definitely didn't think I would be an older mom, but I guess I will. My sister Amber and her husband know they want kids but are waiting one more year. Amber has it all planned out to get pregnant next summer. She's even reading a book about 'what to expect before you're expecting'. It has tips for how to get your body baby ready and stuff like that.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should just forget about having kids and let Amber be the one who does all of that. Her husband is in the military and has a full time job that brings in $80,000/year all because she made him go to college. He listened to her and got a 2-year degree in electronics engineering, so now he makes way more than me and my 7-year degree. Amber also doesn't have weight problems like me, so she's healthy enough to get pregnant. Plus her and her husband both know they want kids. Nick will still say he doesn't know if he does, although he talks about "our baby" in passing. I wish I could say "if it happens, it happens," but that can't really happen since I'm taking the Pill. As long as I consistently take it, which I have been for years and will continue to do because there's no reason not to, there will be no baby. Sometimes, I wish I could accidentally get pregnant so Nick and I would have no choice but to get ready for a baby. I'm sure I will eventually have kids and one day I will look back on my childless days and be glad that I got so much time to myself before starting a family. Having kids, while a true blessing, is a lot of work as everyone knows. Life is simply not the same once they come along, so I should enjoy my life as it is now.

The Weeknd just dropped his album After Hours today, so I've been listening to that non-stop. I actually bought tickets to see him in concert this summer, so I hope this coronavirus is cleared up by then!

Amber's 29th birthday is also tomorrow and none of us are getting together due to the virus. Her husband will also be working, so she'll be by herself on her birthday! It makes me so sad we can't celebrate together. I put her birthday card with an Amazon gift card in it today. I have other stuff for her as well, but I'm saving that for her real birthday celebration.

12:56 p.m. - Friday, Mar. 20, 2020


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