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This time tomorrow, I will be on a plane to NY! Nick's best friend from high school is getting married on Friday, the 20th in upstate NY and we fly out tomorrow. The low in the town we are going to tomorrow is...1. 1 degree. I have never in my life experienced what 1 degree feels like because I'm a born and raised Southerner! All international trips I have taken have been to hot, tropical places, like the Bahamas and Thailand, so this is going to be very different. It already snowed there yesterday, so there will be plenty of snow on the ground. I had a difficult time packing for this trip because I don't even own that many long sleeved shirts! I had to go buy a hat, gloves, thicker socks, and a heavier coat.

I am nervous about this trip because this will be my first flight without my sister, the experienced traveler. I've been furiously texting her all morning about what I'm supposed to do tomorrow at the airport lol. I'm also worried because Nick can be easily frustrated by the smallest things...so I'm worried about how he'll handle holiday travel through a busy airport. I hope he stays chill...I've considered secretly slipping him a Xanax lol.

I just hope all goes well and that we have fun!

10:48 a.m. - Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019


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