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Hiya! It's now time for my *third* little entry of this year. I can't believe how slack I have become with writing in the last couple of years! Things really do "slow down" in your late 20s/early 30s...after work and making dinner, I don't have energy for much else than lying on the couch watching tv (and I often end up falling asleep around 8:30! So lame.). I often wonder how on earth I will do with a baby if I'm this tired now...eek.

I do have some exciting news! Nick did find a new job. He searched for months and applied to so many places. He ended up interviewing with 3 different companies. He interviewed with the third place just last week. He had actually already applied to this particular company several weeks ago, but they hadn't called him back. Then one day, he ran into a former co-worker who now works for that company when he was at the store. The former co-worker told him to follow up and call the company back about his application. Once he did that, they called him for an interview!

This job couldn't be more perfect for Nick because it's a beer distributor. One of Nick's biggest passions in life is craft beer (which is why the tops of our kitchen cabinets are decorated in an array of craft beer bottles he's collected over time). The interview went extremely well and they called him back the next day to offer him the job. They are even creating a position for him - the position he interviewed for was just a basic warehouse worker position, but after the interview, they told him they want him to work with the two managers of the warehouse. So maybe he'll be like an assistant manager? He's going to be making $2.75 more an hour than his current job and the hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 5:00! This job really couldn't be more perfect and we are so excited. He starts on January 6th.

We both had kind of lost hope at him finding another job, so it's truly a dream to find this job that is so perfect for him. I hope he loves it and that it goes well!

12:22 p.m. - Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019


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