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Pathetic Culmination

Well, I just messed around with my template for entirely too long again. I really wish this website was updated...I love it, but it literally hasn't changed since I started using it in 2003. TWO THOUSAND AND THREE!! That was a long time ago. Come on Andrew, bring this place to 2016!

Anyways, what was I even going to write? Uhh...oh yeah! Three years ago yesterday, Nick told me he loved me, and so began the move towards us becoming a couple. I still remember very clearly what that moment was like. We had only been back in contact for about a month after 2 months of total silence. I was sitting on the couch at my mom's house (where I am now, actually) when he texted me, "What are u doing?" at 1:00 in the morning. He didn't even wait for my response before texting, "I love you". I had so badly wanted him to feel that way about me for so long, and there the words were. Three years later, I'm sitting here with a diamond ring from him on my left hand and we just bought a house together. It's amazing how things can totally and absolutely change.

So, we are loving our new (to us) house! We love not having to fight others for parking spots or having to climb a flight of stairs. Although, owning a house has new tasks that come with it. For example, Nick spent two hours mowing the grass this past week. TWO HOURS. I'd be dead. The grass hadn't been mowed for a while when we closed on it, so it was already high. A couple of weeks went by before we could move in (we were having it painted), and then a couple more weeks went by before we were finally settled enough to remember that, oh yeah, our yard looks like the house is abandoned! My mom gave us her lawn mower, but she hadn't been able to get it started. I bought some new gas for it, hoping that would be all it needed. Lo' and behold, it was! Once it got started, Nick just got on a roll and mowed the front and back yards. It was so thick and overgrown in the backyard that it took him two hours to finish! While mowing, he found a nest of four, cute little baby bunnies, and it's really a miracle he didn't saw their heads off with the mower. He went right over the top of their nest, not realizing they were there, of course. Thankfully, the bunnies were unscathed. I hope we didn't scare the mommy bunny away and that she comes back to take care of them. I don't want four dead little bunnies in my back yard! That would be horrific!

I don't really have anything else to report on. Me, my mom, sister, and my mom's bff all went to the lake today to swim and cook out. It felt like summer again for an afternoon! I even tanned up a bit. It was nice floating around in the lake forgetting about the work week coming up. Having to work sucks, but that's life, I guess?

I work for a school district, so it's so funny to think that it's this school year that I'll be getting married. Coworkers and others will have to get used to my name change and all of that. In a way, it's sad that my days of having my last name are coming to a close. I'll no longer have the same last name as my mom or sister. Of course, I don't have to change my last name and I could even keep my last name as my middle name, but when Nick and I have kids, I want us to all have the same name so we will really feel like a family. Yep.

I'm still on the quest to lose weight and be a normal sized person (I think I'll FOREVER be on this quest). I had lost up to 15 lbs since Jan 1, but the summer time fun of cooking out, drinking, etc. has put some of the lbs back on, so I think I'm down only 10 now. It's back to the diet grind on Monday, and I really have to start exercising. I hate it, but I really have to.

This entry was really a pathetic culmination of thoughts!

12:22 a.m. - Sunday, Aug. 07, 2016


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