The Engagement (Pinch Me!!)

GUESS. WHAT. I am ENGAGED!! I can't even believe it! I am still totally shocked and floored!

Nick and I had actually been apart this weekend because I went home to visit family and he stayed home to have a guy weekend with his best bud. I got home last night around 9, and I immediately started getting ready for bed since it was a work night. I was putting things away and Nick suggested that we take a weekend trip this upcoming weekend. I said, nahh, I wasn't really feeling it. I had just traveled out of town for the past two weekends in a row, so I didn't feel like traveling again. He let it drop and I went to take a shower. As I was showering, he came in the bathroom to talk, asking about how my weekend went. Him being in the bathroom was not out of the ordinary - in fact, we usually shower together, but he'd already showered earlier in the day and didn't need to shower again. So, we just had a casual conversation and once I was done showering, I got myself all wrapped up in towels and pulled back the shower curtain. There he was, on one knee with a ring in a box. "Will you be my wife?" he asked. I literally froze, and looked at him, the ring, and back again. "Is this a joke? Is this for real?" Like, I literally couldn't process what was happening! I jumped out of the shower and told him to put the ring on me, and we just started laughing, kissing, and jumping up and down until he realized that I never actually said yes. "YES, of COURSE!" I gleefully shouted.

I immediately had to put on pajamas and bang on my sister's bedroom door to let her know. I waltzed into her bedroom and told her that we had something to share. I then whipped out my left hand from behind my back and showed her the ring on my finger. She, like me, could not believe it! Her brain jammed just as much as mine did. Happiness ensued, and we immediately called our mom on FaceTime. We were worried she might be asleep since it was late, but she answered! My mom was sooo pleased, as she should be! She had just harassed me all weekend about getting married and having babies, lol. I got annoyed and repeated over and over that it wasn't going to happen any time soon...little did I know! After that, we made a few more calls to let the other important people know. His mom and dad already knew.

Nick revealed that he woke up yesterday and was like, "Ok, today's the day." He went out shopping for the ring and went to 5 different places before landing at Kay Jewelers. Two nice ladies there helped him, and he narrowed it down between 2 rings before finally selecting the one he gave me. That sly dog even took a couple of rings out of my jewelry box so he could get the size just right! The ring fits perfectly. He did a beautiful job on the ring. I'll admit - I had been worried about what his choice might be. He knew I liked the square, princess cut diamonds, and that's exactly what he gave me. It's a beautiful, princess cut solitaire in a white gold setting. What's so awesome is that from the side, the setting makes a heart! So precious and sweet!!!!

I really still can't believe it. I thought for sure he'd drag his feet as long as possible! He kept telling me it was going to happen, but I had not one earthly clue it would be this soon! He sure showed me! I am elated and blessed beyond measure. I think back to what a lonely, sad person I used to be, and now I couldn't be farther from that person. I am someone who is deeply loved, and I am so grateful. I'll never take what I have for granted because I know what it's like without it.

Wow. Who knew that a former 8th grade classmate would become my fiance?? He contacted me on Facebook 7 years after we had gone to school together. Who know how fateful that April 19th, 2010 Facebook message would be. It started a friendship and eventually a relationship, a relationship that is now officially headed for marriage. UNREAL, I TELL YOU! UN. REAL.

9:17 a.m. - Monday, Feb. 29, 2016


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