I'm Tired of Sweating, Ok?

The South in the summer is hotter than 40 hells! It's been in the upper 90s every day for a while now. Trying not to melt... Anyway, my summer vacation has officially started! I now have 5 glorious weeks of NO WORK. I knew I was doing the right thing by choosing a job in the education field! I love these school vacations.

Let's see, what's new? Last weekend, N and I went to the grandparents' lake house, even though they (along the rest of N's family) are gone to Italy. The grands wanted us to check on their house and water the house plants at least once while they are away, so we were happy to oblige and have the lake house to ourselves. By the time we got to the lake house after work last Friday, it was already dinner time, so we threw some pizzas in the oven. We had a nice dinner actually sitting at a table and talking. We have gotten into a bad habit of watching tv while eating dinner at home, but the grands don't have cable and limited wifi since they're way out on the lake. It was nice getting to interact more.

The grands had left their AC off, of course, so it was 80 degrees inside the house! N and I are both polar bears and like it cold, so we were sweating. The lake house is pretty big, so it was taking a while for the AC to bring the temperature inside down. To cool off, we decided to go take a dip in the lake at 9 pm at night. We grabbed some floats and jumped off the dock into the lake, and it was quite refreshing! Even though it was 9 pm, there was still a little bit of light in the sky to not make swimming in the dark, deep water extremely creepy. However, we did end up staying out there until all the light had faded and there were nothing but stars above us. It was beautiful and so romantic! The beautiful setting must have put us in the mood because N and I actually did it in the lake! It was difficult to make happen at first, but we eventually got it to work by me bracing myself up against the dock. A few boats went by as things were happening, so I just pray it was dark enough that they didn't see us! I don't think they did...Anyways, it wasn't long before N wanted the full experience, so we ran into the house to make that happen. We fell swiftly asleep afterwards. Sex in the lake under stars...so hot!

The next morning, N made our usual breakfast of eggs and toast. After breakfast, we swam in the lake some more because that's about the only thing you can do when it's so hot. After swimming, we got ready, packed up, and headed to my mom's house. I dropped N off at his mother's house even though she and everyone else are also gone to Italy. N's younger brother, who's 21, stayed behind to work, so N wanted to see him, hang out, and have lunch with him. After dropping N off, I went to have lunch with my mom and sister. We ate at this Greek/Italian place that we love and I was finally able to eat the lamb gyro I had been craving! It was delish!

Let's see, after eating lunch, we went home and just hung out until it was time for all of us to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant before going to see the movie Jurassic World. N came with since his brother had gone back to work. At the dinner, it was me, N, my mom, my sister, my mom's best friend, and my mom's best friend's daughter. I've mentioned my mom's best friend's daughter before...she's the one that's forever competing with me to show that she's the best. I'll call her E. As I was afraid would happen, E was in full show off mode since N was there. If there's ever ANY male around, especially one that's MY boyfriend, she tries to show off and get the guy to like her, no lie! She just has to have all the attention on her at all times. It doesn't help that E is curvy and Hispanic...N's "type". N's ex before me was also curvy and Hispanic, so I already had that going against me. Before we had even ordered drinks, E launched into embarrassing childhood stories about me, one right after the other! I knew she was trying to embarrass me in front of N. After embarrassing me, she changed her tactic to try and impress N. I've told E that N loves true crime about serial killers, school shooters, and things like that. Well, E launched into this whole spiel about how SHE loves serial killers and true crime shows. I have known E my entire life and never once has she shown an interest in that stuff! She loves Sex in the City and Golden Girls, ok?? But of course, N soaked it right up. Why are men so gullible and blind? Ugh.

We went to Jurassic World after that, which was AWESOME. I love dinosaur movies! Of course, E somehow managed to end up sitting beside N, with me on the other side. I was like, wtf you really have to sit beside him, too?? Luckily, N paid no attention to her and was holding my hand and whispering comments to me throughout the entire movie. I love him, gah!

The next day, N and I went to LensCrafters to find him a new pair of glasses, once and for all. His old frames are cheap and faded, so he was determined to find some nice ones. We've been to many places and looked at frames, but we had struck out. N's style of frames (smaller rectangular frames) are apparently not what's in style right now. All we could find were really thick frames with bigger lenses, which don't suit N at all. Thankfully, we found ONE pair of Ray Bans that were his style, and they were able to fill his prescription the same day. He was so excited! I was glad that the search for glasses saga was over.

N and I ate dinner with my mom, my sister, and my mom's best friend at Outback before we had to head back home. Since N has been spending more time with my family since his is gone to Italy, I think my mom is getting a better idea of who he is. She's starting to realize that N is a great guy who truly does love and adore me. We all had fun having N there! He fits in well with the family. He sweetly said on our way home that my family will be his family one day. <3

Another weekend is upon us, and N and I will be going back to visit my family again. My HILARIOUS cousin will be joining us, so it's just going to be a great weekend.

NEXT weekend, I'm off to Florida for an entire week of sun, beach, good food, and relaxation! I can't wait! Although, I feel terrible to be leaving N for a week. He's already expressed that he's going to be sad and lonely without me with him. :( It's good to know that I'll be missed!

In other news, as you can see from MyFitnessPal counter below, I have not lost weight. I was going down a few pounds for like a minute, but now I'm back up. HOWEVER, I'd like to point out that I'm practically the same weight that I was in January, which means I haven't GAINED weight. This is a good thing! When you have horrible, terrible, prone-to-fatness genetics, a poor diet, and drink alcohol, it's quite easy to gain a lot of weight. I don't eat terribly all the time...I eat ok most of the time and then meals on the weekends RUIN everything! I've also been better about drinking by not indulging in it as much lately because I just haven't felt like it. If I can keep that up, I'll probably lose a few just not taking in all of those calories. Well, I'll continue to keep up the good fight against the battle of the bulge!

3:12 p.m. - Friday, Jun. 19, 2015


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